The Never Ending Story

Chapter 3: Semaj

“Semaj? Jamaican Semaj? He just texted you?” Tynika asks me, knowing good and darn well that we only know one Semaj. ” Ty, what the hell? Don’t play dumb wit me. He mentioned your name and your Snap Chat! You’ve spoken to him. Wait, did you give him my number? You’ve been speaking to him and didn’t tell me?” I yell. “You know I would have told you! I mean, I spoke to him for a few seconds a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t about anything so I didn’t even bring it up to you. I didn’t give him your number. He must be one of my ghost followers on Snap or something because I didn’t know that he’s been following my stories. ” Tynika responds, but for some reason I feel like there is something that she is not telling me, I know her. “What are y’all so hyped up about?” my friend Tina asks while trying to catch her breath from twerking. Quick sidebar:  My other 3 friends’ names are Portia, Lucy (aka Lu Lu) and Krystal.  “I’ll tell y’all later. Let’s just go, I need to feed Darren and finish packing for Cali, ” I advise them with a true attitude. I know I just totally messed up their vibe, but I can’t hide my rage nor utter another word right now. I can’t even look at Tynika at this moment. She knows it too because she decided not to come with us to my place to help me pack. Good!

Y’all don’t understand, I haven’t spoken to Semaj since my last semester in high school. He moved away abruptly, two weeks before our graduation and forgot all about me. He never tried to call me, text me or e-mail me; Shit, he didn’t even try to hit me up on Myspace! I used to be number 1 on his top 5 friends list too, but he completely deleted me off his page when he left. Being removed from someone’s top friend section of their profile was the ultimate diss on Myspace in case you didn’t know. That’s how I knew he was really gone from my life.

Apparently, his dad finally decided to up and leave his cheating ass wife and moved away to Arizona–taking my Semaj away from me.  That was it, he was gone forever! I mean, I understand that he didn’t really have a say in the move because he wasn’t 18 yet,  but why wouldn’t he even try to contact me to say goodbye? Word on the street is, he went to UCLA on scholarship, landed a good job and stayed in Cali after graduating. I also heard that he has a 5 year old son! If I am doing my math correctly, that means that he moved out to Arizona and knocked someone up real quick. That news still pisses me off, but even knowing that, I still never got over him! He was the sweetest gentleman I’ve ever known, that’s why I placed his name in my baby boy Darren’s name. I know that sounds stupid, but I never thought I’d hear from him again and he meant so much to me. That’s why I can’t understand why Ty would be in contact with him and follow him on Snap Chat and not tell me. Ty of all people knows how I felt, how I feel about Semaj. What the hell? What kind of bull sh….”Girl calm down before you wake up Darren! We still have jah boxes to pack!” Portia whispers loudly, interrupting my story with her DC accent.

I don’t think y’all get it though, Semaj was my heart!

High School

Most of the girls hated me in high school when they found out that I was the one Semaj chose to be his girlfriend. His name is really James, but he randomly decided to flip his name around one day and realized his name is sexier backwards. Semaj was a dark-chocolate Jamaican dude with dread locks down to the middle of his back. His features were perfect. His nose was just the right size, he had eyes to die for and his lips were full with just the right curve. He played football all up until our junior year, so his body was still in an athletic-build and he had facial hair like a man. He looked so good and what made him even more sexy was when he would use that accent of his. He knew how to turn it on and off, but he knew to always use it when he was with me–I loved it!

Most of the time, you would catch me with both Tynika and Semaj. They are actually the people responsible for my introduction to my homegirl, Mary Jane (marijuana.) We used to get high every day of the week. Everyone knows that your last marking period of your senior year in high school is pointless because by that time, you have all your credits and you’re pretty much wasting time until your life-sentence in that puberty infested prison is over. That’s why we didn’t even bother taking it serious.We already had our acceptance letters for colleges and everything. Everyday, after sixth period, the three of us fled out of the back of the school and jumped into Semaj’s 2006 Honda Accord to smoke some purple haze. We only smoked the good stuff because we had class and swag.

I always sat in the driver’s seat because it made me feel like I was in control; Oh, and so I could always get that first hit of the blunt–you know, “Pass the dutch to the left hand side.” We would get so smacked in that 2-door car! On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, after we took that last puff of the joint, we would  drive to McDonald’s and order 3 Large fries, 3-20 piece McNuggets and 3 Large Sweet Teas, “NO ICE!” That was our thing! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we went to Gaetano’s and bought steak sandwiches with a side of white-cheddar cheese fries. Listen, Gaetano’s is THEE SPOT! We could only afford to go twice a week though because Semaj only got paid $65 a week in allowance. We bought the haze and he got us the munchie food. I could throw down on some food, but I didn’t get fat, just thicker. That’s why he called me his Tiffy Phat.

When Semaj and I were alone, we were so adorable! We went out everywhere imaginable, did ‘romantic movie’ type things– like get high on the hill in the local park while watching the sunset, talked on the phone for hours until we fell asleep and he even gave me a promise ring. He was so polite and chivalrous too. He always opened doors for me, carried my books, walked me to class, rolled the weed up and respected my grandmother. Sounds like we were perfect together doesn’t it? We were! There is no twist in my story there..but there is a twist. I was still a virgin.

Yes, I was a virgin my senior year in high school. Tynika wasn’t though. Actually, she was far from a virgin–I love my best friend, but she was a hoe to be honest. I remember her sleeping with at least half the football team by the end of our freshman year! I told her that I wasn’t judging her because she used to be real sensitive about her “sleeping-around habits,” but Come on son!  How could I not judge her while knowing for a fact that she was a loose jawn?  Anyways, I was a virgin and Tynika used to warn me that if I didn’t let Semaj pop my cherry soon, he would leave me. I believed her because I did begin to notice how he started to have wandering eyes when we would go out places. I had to give my man a piece of my cookie quick or he would leave me for another girl. I mean, he did deserve it right? To make a long story short, 2 weeks later we broke up and he disappeared, but…

“So hold up girl, you named your child after this boy? Your corny ass first love that took your little virginity?” LuLu asks, once again, my story has been interrupted. “First of all, he was not corny and second of all, don’t judge my baby’s name. Semaj meant something to me and for the record, he did not take my virginity so chill with coming at me sideways.” I hate to have to correct LuLu as if she is just another girl, but I am sensitive when it comes to this part of my life. Actually, I am sensitive about every part of my life, but this one in particular can strike a nerve. “LuLu is right though Tiff, you’re bugging off this eff boy for real, just like you tripped over Craig. You’re smart, but it seems like you make these dudes God in your life and I think you’re going to make him God again when you go to Cali based on this little back story you’re trying to sell us,” Krystal says as she tapes up the last box of my things. “Yo, get the fu…Get out! You’re going to bring up Craig right now? Really? Y’all don’t know shit about my past! I tell y’all basic shit and you think you know me now? Y’all don’t know what I’ve been through! The way that Semaj and I broke up is priceless and I will love him forever for his reasoning and the way that he broke up with me. Get out! I’m glad I’m moving away from y’all bitter bitches.”

“Tiff, calm down! We all just want you to focus on Darren and your career when you leave!” Portia screams out to me as I am pushing them towards the door. “So y’all having interventions about me? Y’all on some nut shit! Get out of my life, don’t worry about me and my son! Just know that we’ll be fine and we out tomorrow,” I scream at them. I slam the door in their faces, waking the neighbors I am sure because it is late. Darren is wide awake and crying at this point and so am I. I’m so confused right now. How could my so-called girls judge me without knowing my full story about Semaj?Why would they bring up Craig? How could my best friend hold back important information from me? If Ty didn’t give Semaj my number, who did? After 6 years, why is Semaj just now hitting me up? Why is my life the way that it is?

“Enough with the questions Tiffany,” I snapped at myself while wiping away my tears, “forget all about this and leave it behind! Because tomorrow, you’re moving to Cali!”

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The Never Ending Story

Chapter 1: Grauduation

“Tiffany Henson!!” my dean screams out to the stadium full of people.I hear a loud and roaring cheer, but I don’t know many of these people, only my 5 friends and some of the prestigious professors sitting out there somewhere. I’m sure those people that I heard cheering were not cheering for me. They were probably cheering for the chick in front of me because she USED  to be the university’s queen before she got caught up in a sex tape scandal. You know how it is at an HBCU…you are a great student, but end up dealing with a no good dude and BOOM, ya sex is all over the internet. Of course, she didn’t  consent to the video’s release and I am sure if she knew that her body parts would end up in the cyber world, she would have given her best effort…you know, her best foot forward! She was REAL BASIC in that video if you ask me. But enough about her! I am not even going to give you her name because this story is about me.

Yup, I am Tiffany Henson, and today, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I was in college for a good 6 years, but who’s counting? I got the degree and now I am destined for greatness! Watch out world, watch out people who thought I couldn’t make it and watch out Craig–R.I.P you dumb ass! I know y’all are probably wondering who Craig is…he’s the father of my son. He may need his very own chapter because that piece of work, that piece of my history, THAT PIECE OF SH….let me calm down. I’ll tell y’all about Craig another time because today is my graduation and I am not letting that no good boy take up my chapter–God rest his stupid ass soul. Plus, I am a Christian now.

I gave my life to the Lord last year, right after I was at the highest point of my life. Please don’t think I mean that it was the best or most successful point of my life. I literally meant the “highest” point of my life. I was in the car hot boxing with my sorority sister, Chante , and I think that the weed that we were smoking was laced because I started seeing stuff in the stars and I swear that the music playing in the car was in extreme slow motion. All I remember from that night was Chante crying about her lesbian lover leaving her for a guy– while she was humping the steering wheel, and my 97 year old ‘dead’ uncle talking to me about why drinking a possum’s blood was good for me. I ended the night vomiting in my Loui V shoes and wound up screwing Craig’s mediocre butt and creating my darling son, Darren. Do you understand why I had to get saved? I love my son and I am glad he is here, but his conception evening was satanic!

Anyway, I am glad to be sitting here at my graduation because I deserve this! My parents are NOT in this crowd of nicely dressed, loud– people, but I feel so good about myself today. I came a long way since high school and I am going to be even better in the next stage of my life. Right before my sorority chapter got suspended for pre-pledge hazing, my pledgee hooked me up with an internship and I networked very well! I networked so good…(I know the correct way of saying that was “I networked so well”…BUT THIS IS MY STORY AND IMMA SPEAK HOW I WANT,) ANYWAY,  they offered me a job! They even offered to pay for my Master’s Degree! Oh, y’all thought that this was about to be one of those disastrous, ghetto girl stories, huh? Nah, student loans and diaper prices are too real to be wasting life away! I did well for myself in these last 6 years, but it’s happiness and my future that I am worried about. My internship was here in Baltimore, Maryland, but my job offer is in Los Angeles, California! I don’t know shit about Cali. (Excuse my Lord in Savior-Saved French). I am moving to a new city, I have a son, a dead baby father, 5 so-called friends ( I don’t even know if they cheered for me today), no parents and a mysterious “future.” Will it be bright? I am out here in this stadium sweating profusely in this hot-ass sun, underneath this dumb black robe and super long Malaysian ( I wear the real stuff) weave…thinking about my life; what exactly is next?

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