Duffy’s Hope Celebrity Basketball Game 2015

Founder and CEO, Allen “Duffy” Samuels, and the volunteers of Duffy’s Hope, succeeded again with their annual Celebrity Basketball Game. “Drip Drop,” swish and screams is all you could hear in the Bob Carpenter Center at the  University of Delaware, where hundreds of children and supporters filled the gym to witness positive modules such as Bryshere Gray aka “Yazz the Greatest,” Diggy Simmons, Sevyn Steeter, Bobby V, Shemeik Moore, Mack Wilds and more.

Duffy’s Hope, founded 14 years ago, “is a service provider for at-risk and hard to reach youth ages 12-17,” with multiple success stories to prove that what they do works. Behind the scenes, Duffy expressed a few favorable outcomes and they were deep yet heartwarming. Not to go into too much detail, but one story transitioned from a young lady being a prostitute, before the age of 15, to a sophomore in college on a full scholarship.”Won’t He Do it?!” This just goes to show that  Duffy’s Hope is more than just an organization that puts together a celebrity basketball game, they are an organization that changes lives. That is exactly why celebrities did not mind coming out to support such an amazing cause, our youth.

Children and young adults had the opportunity to hear some of their role models’ words of wisdom earlier in the day at a teen summit hosted by Duffy’s Hope. Afterwards, there was a meet and greet with the stars, and then, things got real on the ball court. The teams were split up into white and blue and the score was neck and neck for just about the whole game. There were alley-oops, dunks, and 3 pointers happening all over that court. Honestly, the players proved that they can hoop just as well as they act and sing. It was amazing. Unfortunately, both teams couldn’t win.

The event overall was super fun. The energy was great, the celebrities were dope, and the vibe was simply positive. If you didn’t make it this year, don’t worry because they will do it all over again next year. Keep up with Duffy’s Hope and get involved  at http://www.duffyshopeinc.org/home/.

-Phylicia D.

Event Coverage was also used for DG Radio. Video Produced and edited by Markeeta Stokes

Yazz the Greatest