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WIM Philly Conference 2015

It’s very rare that you walk into a room full of women and witness nothing but encouragement, positivity and support. Well,“WIM Philly Conference 2015” was that rare exception as ‘Women In Media’ came together at the Impact Hub in North Philly, to gain more knowledge about the competitive industry. The empowering event was full of a series of advice and tips for the attendees to take back to their workplaces and every day lives.

This year’s conference brought a whole new energy through speeches from both Nedia Ralston and Loraine Ballard Morrill. Their stories were both intriguing and real. After their words of wisdom, Loraine Ballard Morrill was presented with the Arête of Media Award for all of her accomplishments as an amazing woman in media. She mentioned to DG that she was very honored to win the award and she really enjoyed her day with WIM.

After powerful words from those two ladies, it was interactive workshop time! We heard Live & Lead with C.A.R.E by Tiffany Tavarez, Monetize Thyself: Pitch Pray and Slay by Nicole Walters, GDIP: Intro to Web Concepts by Dominque Clark and Creating Compelling Multimedia Content by Denise James. I would tell you guys some of the advice that we were provided, but then I would be doing these ladies a huge disservice! You have to attend an WIM event to get the juice.

The entire event was empowering and every single woman that attended left feeling like a “Superstar.” We had a chance to hear from an awesome media panel with boss ladies Sabrina Vourvolias, the managing editor of Al Dia News, Bex, on air personality of 96.5 AMP Radio, Desiree Peterkin-Bell, City of Philadelphia Representative and Mayor’s Director of Communications and Kristina Jenkins, Editor of Uwishunu. The panel discussion was moderated by WIM’s very own Sincerely Syreeta and the ladies shared their obstacles and triumphs  as women in their work places. As the ladies exited the stage, Breast Cancer survivor and entrepreneur, Kim Reed , was called to the stage to close us out with charges before we joined the IAM Networking session and cocktail hour. As she presented us with our charges, she also reminded us that we are SUPERSTARS!  The event was amazing and it was inspirational for women of all fields. Here are a few of the changes that we were left with–until next year:

#1. Know your Value

#2. Reflect on who you are and what you have to offer

#3. Accept nobody’s definition of your life-define yourself

#4. You’re going to fall more than you succeed

#5. Opportunities are connected to people-Your network is equal to your net worth.

-Phylicia D.

This event coverage writeup was also used for DG Radio.

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It’s FRIDAY!!! August 15th News

Hey everybody! It’s finally Friday and the news is finally getting better!
 Breaking News!!! The name of the officer that shot Mike is Darren Wilson.
There were peaceful protests for Michael Brown’s justice yesterday…not only in St.Louis, but in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago and Atlanta just to name a few. People of all races are coming together to highlight the racial divide in the country.CNN has even covered a story entitled “The painful truths parents tell their black sons” This movement is powerful! Like I am getting emotional right now just writing this because this is actually happening right now! That is finally a story that is being reported! I’m sorry, let me get out of my feelings….There  was no tear gas used yesterday and the Missouri State Highway Control took over security in the city.
FYI: CNN has complete coverage of the entire Michael Brown case. Just Click here to follow along.
Robin William’s wife announced that her husband was suffering from early stages of Parkinson’s. She said that his sobriety was intact, but he was suffering from anxiety, depression and then Parkisans became another burden on his life. In a written statement, Robin’s wife, Susan Schneider wrote:
“It is our hope in the wake of Robin’s tragic passing, that others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid.”