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Friday, October 10th

So Drake is in trouble again for a threat. Remember a few weeks back, a stripper said that she was threatened by Drake’s people after she and Drake had sexual intercourse? Well they basically told her not to tell anyone or else…He’s in trouble again! His ex reported him to the police after he threatened to run her outta of place if he seen her. she posted pics of an expensive purse that he bought her and I guess that ticked him off. He sent the texts and the model ex-, Shaye G. told her dad and the police. My question is, Drake….what do you have to hide that these girls are aware of?
There are a lot of weddings yesterday in Vegas. Now that more states have been declared legal for same sex marriage, LGBT couples are tying the knot.
I’m sure that you have all heard that Thomas Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US, died on Wednesday. There has been some controversy behind his treatment while in the hospital. Many people feel, including Thomas’ family, that he was treated unfairly because he was African and lacked insurance. Of course the hospital is saying that they treated him with the same care as anyone else. However, USA today reported that  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has called for an investigation because the hospital missed protocol when dealing with an Ebola patient. They didn’t catch it the first time he came to the hospital.
According to LA Times, Kay Perry will be performing during the Super Bowl 2015 halftime show! Ooh Kill ‘em!
Yesterday was Thursday Night Football!! Click Here to see the scores! 
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I would like to end the news today with Breast Cancer Awareness! I am doing a Breast Cancer social media campaign today! I need you all to spread awareness by taking a picture wearing something pink, or wearing breast cancer paraphernalia…something and tag me to the pictures! The hashtag for today is #PDTVKnockoutBreastCancer ! You’re not doing it for me, you’re doing it for the survivors and the unfortunate victims of Breast Cancer. So please spread the awareness around!
Remember #PDTVKnockoutBreastCancer
PDTV Knockout Breast Cancer

14th & Union Square-Breast Cancer Awareness 10/10/2014

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