The Never Ending Story

Chapter 4: Cali Dreams & Gummy Smiles

“Relax baby, mi promise to take mi time with you,” Semaj softly whispers in my ear, pulling my body closer to his. I cannot believe that I am in his arms again. He looks exactly how I remember, he feels exactly how I remember and I want him just as badly as I remember. The only thing that has changed is his smell. I have to admit, I am not too fond of his new smell, but whatever, I’ll just buy him a new cologne after I give him some of this here cookie. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex and I am more than ready! I need to release some of this tension that I’ve been holding inside.

Semaj begins to gently kiss my lips…biting and licking my bottom lip when necessary.  He then kisses my neck and immediately finds out where my spot is. “You like that?”
He says while sucking on my neck. I don’t just like it, I love it, but I won’t tell him that just yet.  I begin to move my pelvis closer to his so that  I can affirm that his body is craving mine just as much as I his, but he pushes me away. “You’re teasing me Daddy, I like that,” I moan. Semaj then works his way down to my breast, sucking on my nipples like he is a hungry new-born baby. He slowly kisses his way to my belly, then my…”Wait! Did I shave my kitty?” I ask myself. “What did you just say?” Semaj asks, popping his head up. He dropped his accent and everything! I cannot believe I said that out loud! I thought I said it in my head. Think Tiffany! Think, think, THINK. “I said, wait, did I say kitty? That’s my safe word…kitty!” Y’all, he bought it.

He didn’t waste any time picking back up exactly where he left off. I’m screaming and moaning uncontrollably as he tastes every bit of me like I am his favorite flavor of candy. I’m holding onto his dreads as he’s taking me to ecstasy. I can’t take it anymore, I must feel him! “I’m ready, I want you,” I scream out. Even though the room is dark,  I can still see Semaj’s sexy, excited body coming towards me. Just as he is about to slide into me, the bedroom door slams open and the lights flicker on!

“Tiffany, you don’t know him like you think you do!” Tynika screams at me. Semaj jumps up and covers his awaiting erection with a pillow. “What the hell are you doing here? Get out!” I scream at Ty. She is really trying me right now! This is not the time for a  moment nor a deep convo, I need Semaj to finish what we’ve started. “Girl, why do you think I’ve kept him away from you after all these years? It wasn’t an accident that I didn’t tell you I’d heard from him!” Ty yells.”You’re just mad that someone actually wants more than just sex from me. Jealousy is real ugly on you,” I replied.

All of a sudden she charges towards me to pull me out of the bed! I start swinging on her, hoping to rack up enough hits to get her to back off. I land like 2 slaps before she forcefully punches me in my face. Remember, I can’t fight so this 1 punch did me in! “Baby, your teeth! Tynika, what have you done?” Semaj exclaims. I look down and see all of my teeth laying on the floor. I begin to cry the gummiest cry ever. Then I hear a familiar, angry voice say, “So you sleeping with another nigga now? You givin’ my shit away?” Oh my gosh, y’all will not believe who it is! “Craig? How did you get in here?” I can barely get the words out because I’m missing all my teeth, I’m crying really hard and I am confused! “I’m not giving it away baby, I’m still yours. He didn’t feel me babe, I love you!” I say as I offer Craig a hug, a stream of tears and a gummy smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. As we start our descent, please make sure the backs of your seats and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Thank you.”

I jump up, only to realize that I was dreaming. My neighbor is now staring at me, looking relieved that I am no longer laying on his arm. That would explain the weird odor I smelled on Semaj.  “Well, hello there! You must have had a pretty interesting dream there little lady,” he proclaims with a deep country accent. “I did! I am so sorry for whatever I did or said while I was asleep sir,” I say with much embarrassment. “Oh no worries, I didn’t mind at all. I didn’t want to move and risk waking you and that little feller of yours. Although, I am curious to know, did you figure out whether or not you shaved.” We burst out into  hysterical laughter. I am so ashamed.

I look out the window enjoying the fact that I am actually beginning to see the gorgeous Cali mountains and the infamous palm trees. I am in awe right now. “Oh my goodness! Mommy cannot believe that this is really happening! Darren baby this is really happening,” I whisper to my grinning baby boy.

They say that if you dream about losing your teeth, you may be insecure about some part of your life. says that “Dreaming that [my] teeth are falling out  may refer to [my] fears of being embarrassed or making a fool of [myself] in some situation. Perhaps [I] feel unprepared for the task at hand and am afraid of getting ridiculed.” They also say that, “These dreams are often an over-exaggeration of worries and anxieties.” Am I over-exaggerating? I mean, I am full of anxiety because I want my life to make sense. I am not so sure that I’ll raise my son correctly, I am nervous about my new job and I am worried about my personal life.

My phone begins to vibrate intensely because I am a savage and I refuse to put my phone onto airplane mode. Now that we are getting closer to the ground, I am beginning to get all of the notifications that I’ve missed while in the air.” Hey girl, I cannot believe that you left without saying goodbye! Don’t stay mad at me, we’ll get through this. I’ll be there next week to help you settle in,” Tynika texted me, along with about 5 other messages asking for forgiveness. “You neva responded mi Tiffy. We gon link or wat? Mi Miss you and wan to explain everyting,” Semaj messaged. I start to feel more of my anxiety kick in, but something tells me to look down.  I glance down and I see my baby boy staring up at me. He is locking eyes with me and smiling his cute gummy smile, as if he knows that we are officially leveling up in life. Then it hit me, what if  I flip my dream, and pretend that  I just didn’t have teeth to begin with and they will grow in later? Without words, Darren is reminding me how blessed we are. While the loss of teeth may symbolize insecurities, fear and anxiety , it can also symbolize a new beginning or a fresh start. Yes, things are scary right now, but I am just minutes away from stepping foot into my new life that only God can control. There is reassurance in my baby’s gummy smile that everything will be alright.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to LAX Airport. Local time is 6:00pm and the temperature is 73ºF. We hope that your flight was life changing, eye-opening, relaxing and refreshing! Safe journeys!

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81-year old Comedian Joan Rivers passed away yesterday afternoon after being on life support since Thursday last week. She passed away surrounded by her daughter Melissa and their family. Joan’s funeral is planned to take place on Sunday. Her honesty and extreme humor will definitely be missed.
President Obama and Allies have spoken about a coalition with intent to destroy ISIS at the NATO Summit.
As you all know, Football season officially stared last night and the Seahawks played the Packers and won 36-16. They were on point! They are really starting out this season with some serious running! Marshawn Lynch….all I am going to say is the Packers weren’t ready for you. Don’t get me wrong, the Packers weren’t terrible, but the Seahawks just played a very impressive game.
Roger Federer is still holding strong in the US-Open! He won yesterday and he is still in the running for an 18th Grand Slam title.
Nick Cannon has officially gone off on Twitter. News sources and people in the media have been telling us all these different details about the divorce and taking one fact and stretching it to make a full story and I guess Nick got tired of the foolishness. He took to Twitter and professed his love for his wife and he basically just told the media about itself for all of the stories. He just wants his respect and privacy as they go through this difficult time. You can read the tweets below. Start from the bottom and scroll on up to read them in order.
Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.11.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.11.40 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.11.20 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.10.57 PM
TMZ has reported that Ciara and Future are back together for the sake of their 4 month old son Future Zahir. The couple stayed quiet about their break up and went through what they went through, now they are back together. See Nick, the media doesn’t just talk about you and Mariah, they talked about Ciara and Future too lol.
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Protestors were out again last night in Missouri in hopes to get justice for Michael Brown….I’m talking a night full of chanting with signs and everything…that is until the  Police fired tear gas into a crowd . However, I’m sure that’s not stopping people from standing up for what they feel is right. The police refuse to announce the name of the officer that shot the unarmed Michael Brown because they fear what would happen to him….after numerous death threats on social media. Michael’s friend Dorian Johnson testified on CNN about the incident…and so did 2 other witnesses. They all said that there was a quarrel between Mike and the officer, but Mike wasn’t trying to get a hold of the officer’s gun. According to the 3 witnesses, Michael started to run after there was a gun shot in the car, then he started to run down the street when the officer shot at him..Mike then turned around and surrendered but the officer shot him down…which is what killed him.
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People all over the world are still mourning the death of comedian and actor Robin Williams. There are so many questions that are left unanswered…well mainly, WHY? While we may never know, it has been encouraged that people that are suffering from depression get help and support. 
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Arizona State offensive lineman Edward “Chip” Sarafin is the first active college football player at the NCAA’s highest level to come out as gay. He came out in an interview and of course he got support & encouragement from many, including Michael Sam..the first openly gay NFL player.For more of the story click here!

In other news, Remy Ma told TMZ reporters that jail is worse than what’s portrayed in ‘Orange is the New Black’.
Ciara and Future broke up because she claims that he was cheating on her while on tour. As of right now, their baby is with her.
The Cavaliers play the Miami Heat on Christmas Day and ESPN has put out the question, how will he be received when he goes back to Mimi for the game?
Have you all heard about NASCAR car driver Tony Stewart’s situation? Well, he hit & killed  Kevin Ward Jr. during a dirt-track race Saturday and now everyone is questioning whether or not it was intentional. What do you think? Let us know!
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