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Monday, August 4th News!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did! Well let’s get started with Remy Ma!!
We were under the impression that Remy Ma was kept in custody on Friday due to behavior issues and disciplinary action being used…you know what it doesn’t matter what we thought because SHE GOT OUT!! That’s right, Remy Ma is free and she is ready to touch the studio. Hip Hop DX has written a great article with Remy Ma’s post-prison interview with Funkmaster Flex. She discusses how excited she is to be out, DJ Khaled, record label possibilities, and rappers that she is interested in collaborating with…like Nicki Mina, Iggy, and Meek Mill. Click this link to read the article/ interview for yourself: Hip Hop DX 
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Speaking of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce released her Nicki Minaj featured remix to “Flawless” this weekend. Of course people are trying to decipher and interpret this song to see if Beyonce giving any clues to her marriage’s condition. She mentions something about an elevator and now the song is a big investigation LOL. Click on the link Below to access the Youtube clip of the song:
“Flawless” Remix by Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj
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Michael Strahan was inducted into the ProFootball Hall of Fame on Saturday evening. Congratulations to the former NY Giants Player!!Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.40.30 AM
Indiana Pacers’ Paul George suffered a gruesome leg injury on Friday. I couldn’t even watch the video because I am still scarred from the video of Kevin Ware and his leg incident. Anyway, Paul George has undergone sugary and we will have to wait to see how his full recovery will turn out.
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There was a mudslide in Cali and an earthquake in China yesterday. The weather has not been playing any games. Please keep both areas in your thoughts.
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It’s Friday!! August 1st News

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Chris Brown is now back on the market! His girlfriend, Karrueche, broke up with him because he is too immature and she thinks that he is ruining his life by partying more than he is making music. She is also fed up with the whole Rhianna saga. According to TMZ, Chris Brown took his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend’s friend to St.Tropez this week and took pictures with the girl…I guess that was his way of getting back at Karrueche. Well, it didn’t work too well because she has changed her phone number so that Chris Breezy cannot contact her. Apparently, she has been unhappy for a while now and she really got upset when Chris Brown liked 2 pictures on IG that someone posted of him and Rhianna.
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Things started to get better over in the middle east, but not anymore. Only hours after a cease fire took effect, both Israel and Gaza felt like their opposers violated the truce. Now, they are back at it again. 
So you know that we have some Americans in West Africa that help to control and prevent the Ebola virus right? Well apparently, two Americans have caught the virus and may be brought to Atlanta to be cured. A lot of people are worried now, as they should be. Although they (the patients) will be separated and isolated carefully, us U.S. citizens are still a little worried about this. I’ll keep you posted on this situation.
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.03.19 AMI have some bad news!! Remy Ma was not released from prison yesterday! Apparently not too long after the Angie Martinez interview, Remy got into some trouble and it required disciplinary action. broke the story last night and they said that no release date has been given. We are all wondering if her interview had anything to do with her incident…because they both occurred the same day and officials cited “a third party call” being an issue. For more of the story, click on the report below:
You have to see an article that Ice Cream Conversations posted yesterday about people that take on crazy challenges and post them onto social media. I’m talking condom snorting and pass out challenges. Click on the Ice Cream Convo link below to read the article and watch some of the crazy videos!
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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz celebrated their 4 year anniversary this week and they also announced that they are expecting another baby! Congrats you guys!
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Awww, love is in the AIR!!  TI and Tiny are also celebrating their 4 year anniversary this week as well! Congrats you two!