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Wednesday, October 15th: “I’m Going Off Again Today!”

I told y’all that the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was just sending people home after working with Thomas Duncan! Another health care worker has been diagnosed with Ebola. She broke out with a fever on Tuesday and was rushed into isolation. She lives alone and doesn’t have any pets, which is good, but still! The workers that helped with Thomas Duncan need to be home like Nancy Snyderman. Once they saw that first health care worker with Ebola, they should have sent the others home for 21 days. Granted, you are not contagious until your symptoms start to flare, but still. I’m going off right now, I know, but we cannot blame the hospital for this problem. We have to blame the people who created this virus. It’s taking over West Africa, killing all of those people that were just minding their business, and now, it is in the USA which is something we didn’t think was going to happen. That hospital in Texas was not prepared for that patient because Ebola wasn’t relevant. When he told them he had just returned from Liberia, they probably didn’t even realize that Liberia was in West Africa. They did not think of the connection. Let’s be real! Now it is relevant and now every hospital in the USA needs to undergo serious training, but who is going to pay for that? Something just isn’t right with this case. Hip Hop DX even reported that Chris Brown posted on Twitter that he thinks the Ebola epidemic is a form of population control, but he told himself to shut up & I’m going to shut up too. 
 I had to pick y’all brain though!
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It’s Wednesday y’all! Yes Hump Day as we like to call it. Only a few days left before the weekend and I cannot wait! I get to go to Baltimore Maryland this weekend for Morgan State’s homecoming! I am too amped! Anyway, back to the news! 
Did you guys get to see the BET Hip Awards last night? I don’t have cable so I didn’t even realize that it was coming on until I saw it all down my timeline. Well, according to my sources, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Brandy  and Yo-Yo had the best performance singing “I wanna be Down.” I also heard that Remy Ma and her hubby Papoose had everyone all in love last night. How did Snoop Dogg do as the host? Y’all let me know since I missed the show.If you missed it too, you can Click this Link to see all the performances. 
Thanks to Hip Hop DX, we have the list of winners from last night:
Album of the Year: Drake, Nothing Was the Same
Best Club Banger: Future, “Move That Dope”
Best Collab, Duo or Group: YG featuring Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan, “My Ni–a”
Best Hip Hop Video: Drake, “Worst Behavior”
Best Live Performer: Drake
Best Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa, 28 Grams
DJ of the Year: DJ Mustard
Hustler of the Year: Dr. Dre
Impact Track: Common featuring Vince Staples, “Kingdom”
Lyricist of the Year: Kendrick Lamar
Made You Look Award: Nicki Minaj
MVP of the Year: DJ Mustard
Producer of the Year: DJ Mustard
Sweet 16: Best Feature Verse: Kendrick Lamar, “Control”
Track of the Year: YG f/ Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan, “My Ni–a”
Video Director of the Year: Hype Williams
Who Blew Up Award: Iggy Azalea
People’s Champ Award: Drake
Best Hip Hop Online: WorldStarHipHop
So apparently the small social media beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy is getting a little too serious. Iggy fired back on Ig yesterday with a post of Snoop with the caption that said “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.”
Well Snoop created a video calling Iggy out of her name and asked her dude to shut her up before he did. Umm, I think it went a little too far Snoop. To read her tweets Click Here
To watch Snoop’s video, Click the link below:
First Lady Michelle Obama is too cool for me. You know that she’s really into health care and everything right? Well she posted a vine in response to a President Obama impersonator who asked “How many calories do you burn when you turn up.” Her response was Turnip for what? Of course she played Turn Down For what in the background. Matter of fact let me just play it for you.
Too cool
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Friday, October 10th

So Drake is in trouble again for a threat. Remember a few weeks back, a stripper said that she was threatened by Drake’s people after she and Drake had sexual intercourse? Well they basically told her not to tell anyone or else…He’s in trouble again! His ex reported him to the police after he threatened to run her outta of place if he seen her. she posted pics of an expensive purse that he bought her and I guess that ticked him off. He sent the texts and the model ex-, Shaye G. told her dad and the police. My question is, Drake….what do you have to hide that these girls are aware of?
There are a lot of weddings yesterday in Vegas. Now that more states have been declared legal for same sex marriage, LGBT couples are tying the knot.
I’m sure that you have all heard that Thomas Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US, died on Wednesday. There has been some controversy behind his treatment while in the hospital. Many people feel, including Thomas’ family, that he was treated unfairly because he was African and lacked insurance. Of course the hospital is saying that they treated him with the same care as anyone else. However, USA today reported that  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has called for an investigation because the hospital missed protocol when dealing with an Ebola patient. They didn’t catch it the first time he came to the hospital.
According to LA Times, Kay Perry will be performing during the Super Bowl 2015 halftime show! Ooh Kill ‘em!
Yesterday was Thursday Night Football!! Click Here to see the scores! 
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I would like to end the news today with Breast Cancer Awareness! I am doing a Breast Cancer social media campaign today! I need you all to spread awareness by taking a picture wearing something pink, or wearing breast cancer paraphernalia…something and tag me to the pictures! The hashtag for today is #PDTVKnockoutBreastCancer ! You’re not doing it for me, you’re doing it for the survivors and the unfortunate victims of Breast Cancer. So please spread the awareness around!
Remember #PDTVKnockoutBreastCancer
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Wednesday, October 8th!! Hump Day News

CNN has reported that Thomas Duncan, the Ebola patient in Dallas Texas, has died! At least that’s what the hospital told them. I’ll have more details for you later! If this is true, R.I.P. Thomas.
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Friday, October 3rd News

The Green Bay Packers went in on the Vikings last night! They won 42-10. 
The Baltimore Oriole’s blew out the Detroit Tigers last night. At first they were just winning, but they turned things up in the 8th inning. It was a good game. The final score was 12-3. The Orioles won game 1 of  the ALDS.
The Kansas City Royals played against the LA Angels last night and they broke a long tie in the 11th inning when Moostockas hit a home run! The final was 3-2.
Eric Duncan is the first person in the US with the Ebola virus. His family has been quarantined in their apartment until officials are sure that they do not have the virus. The sanitizing crew was supposed to sanitize the home today but they were turned away because they didn’t have the proper transportation permits.
The trailer for Aaliyah’s Lifetime Biopic has been released. Hip Hop DX posted it this morning and I am dying to know what you all think? I wonder if they ever got her family’s consent. I’m sure they still wish that it was a big screen movie. Alexandra Shipp is playing the role of Aaliyah. To see the trailer, visit the link below:
This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as Down Syndrome Awareness month. Please do some research on the 2 and spread the word where ever and whenever you can. It doesn’t hurt to donate towards some research either!
Have a great Weekend!
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October 1st News

The US has experienced its first case of the Ebola virus in Dallas Texas. Eric Duncan went to visit his family in Liberia and came back with the virus. He didn’t go to the hospital to seek help until 4 days later. CNN reported that nobody else should be at risk, but they are keeping an eye on the paramedics that helped the patient. Just Be safe everyone.
So I was reading this CNN report this morning called “The Great American Freakout.” You guys should check it out. It is basically talking about how scared Americans have been since the whole ISIS situation started; especially after the Subway systems in New York and in Paris were supposedly threatened last week. I think that this article is bringing awareness to the fact that we have been constantly told not to worry and not to be afraid, but the majority of Americans feel like ISIS is a threat to our country. Reports already stated this week that the group was unaffected by our airstrikes. They were prepared and it didn’t phase them.I think the author is implying that we shouldn’t be scared, but we have every reason to be.  I say all of this to say, keep up with the news when it comes to these things people. Pay attention to what’s happening around you and try to stay safe. You never know what may happen.
Michael Phelps was pulled over for a DUI yesterday morning in Baltimore. TMZ reported that the olympic swimmer was gambling at the Horseshoe Casino for hours before he left intoxicated. Sources told TMZ that his drink of choice that night was beer.
Reports are saying that Apple will be launching gold iPads this month….They are seriously on the roll! They want us to forget about the nude it working? ha ha ha Get that Bread Apple, I’m not mad at you.
Tracy Morgan says that he cannot believe that Wal*Mart is saying that he and his friends are partly to blame for their injuries. I reported yesterday tha teal*Mart has stated that Tracy and his friends should have been wearing seat belts on the limo van. USA Today reported that Tracy said “I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. My friends and I were doing nothing wrong.
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Okay, so this weekend, I need you all to do research on the Ebola virus because health experts have declared the outbreak in West Africa an international health emergency that requires a “coordinated global approach to solve.” This is serious y’all…So yes, Phylicia DTV & BIAO Radio are challenging you to find out everything you need to know about Ebola. Like I said yesterday, there are 2 people in the US with it and even though they are in isolation, we still need to hope that it is stays in isolation, but it’s not even just about us over here! We need to know what’s going on in other countries as well…especially if you are a frequent traveller.
For information about the Ebola Virus Click Here!
Here’s the CNN Report.
Yesterday, we found out that Kevin Love will most likely…well, will definitely be traded to the Cavaliers. That means Andrew Wiggins will be with the Timberwolves. For more info Click Here!

A middle school teacher in Georgia got fired because her students leaked nude pictures of her…she let a group of her students use her phone and they found nude pictures of her and shared them online. Okay so here is the lesson for the day everyone…DON’T LET PEOPLE USE YOUR PHONE…& if you are going to allow someone to use your phone, stand right there and watch their every move. Another piece of advice for all of you smartphone users, there are apps that you can download that store your photos that mean the most to you…or the pictures you would like to keep private. It is password safe and it is kid friendly LOL. Please invest in it…it’s free

Peter Gunz and Amina from Love and Hip Hop NY had their baby girl and they are beginning to post the pictures….So precious! Congratulations to them both!
Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.20.10 AMScreen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.29.15 AM

According to Hip Hop DX, Nicki Minaj told Rickey Smiley that working with Beyonce was a life changing experience. Nicki said “She is the Queen….I was so honored to work with her. She’s somebody that I’ve looked up to my entire career.” We are all still waiting to hear her response to all of Lil’Kim’s diss songs and verses…but she hasn’t said anything yet. Hip Hop DX did say that she spoke about Remy Ma’s return, her album that she is working on and her new “scaled back look.” To  read the Hip Hop DX article Click Here!

Oh, and to end today with some good news, Comedian Neal Brennan announced that Tracy Morgan is back and joking! Thank goodness because that accident was crazy serious and it wasn’t looking too good for a while. Welcome back Tracy!
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August 7th News

The real Queen B is taking her throne back! LOL Lil’Kim is still mad at Nicki Minaj for claiming to be the Queen of Hip Hop in the Flawless remix. She has already added her own diss verse onto the actual flawless song remix, but now she has created a new song called Identity Theft. The cover photo is her driver’s license with her information on it, but with Nicki Minaj’s picture. You have to check out the song. I am patiently waiting for Nicki’s response, but I must say…Lil’Kim has found a way to make herself relevant again. 
Unless Beyonce & Jay Z tells us their business, we will never know what’s true or not….Like whether or not Beyonce is leaving Jay to be strong for Blue Ivy OR This new diss song by aspiring rapper Liv. Back in June Liv announced that she never slept with Jay Z nor did she have a relationship with him, but he did make advances at her. Now she has a song out! You gotta hear it. Of course you can find it on my website. This is just messy, but until B or Jay speak out, we should all just mind our business and sip some tea lol.
Cincinnati Bengals’ player Adam “PacMan” Jones has threatened Ludacris because of an Instagram post LOL. Okay so, Ludacris posted a picture of an overweight women in swim wear on the neck of a faceless man in a pool. Next to the collage of pictures, he put a picture of Adam with his neck brace on (basically implying that that’s how he hurt his neck.) Well Adam didn’t find it funny and responded “@ludacris nice post , now when I see you I’m beat your a**” Check it all out below.
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.00.20 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.59.43 AM
CNN has reported that the Ebola virus has the world worried. The World Health Organization has reported that 932 deaths were caused by Ebola. Please follow these Ebola stories in the news because a doctor has said that this is the biggest Ebola outbreak in history. Meaning, you need to be very careful where you travel and we need to keep the 2 people in America that have the virus in our thoughts and prayers (if your religious) . To read more of the story Click Here!
 In other news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye bought a $20 million home, 50 Cents’ Bodyguard is under investigation after a mall fight, there is a warrant out for Wiz Khalifa because he didn’t show up for court over some marijuana charges, oh yeah! According to Kanye, he is the smartest celebrity we ever f***ing dealt with, he’s not Britney Spears and there is a new mandatory law in LA that states porn stars must wear condoms now.
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It’s Friday!! August 1st News

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Chris Brown is now back on the market! His girlfriend, Karrueche, broke up with him because he is too immature and she thinks that he is ruining his life by partying more than he is making music. She is also fed up with the whole Rhianna saga. According to TMZ, Chris Brown took his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend’s friend to St.Tropez this week and took pictures with the girl…I guess that was his way of getting back at Karrueche. Well, it didn’t work too well because she has changed her phone number so that Chris Breezy cannot contact her. Apparently, she has been unhappy for a while now and she really got upset when Chris Brown liked 2 pictures on IG that someone posted of him and Rhianna.
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Things started to get better over in the middle east, but not anymore. Only hours after a cease fire took effect, both Israel and Gaza felt like their opposers violated the truce. Now, they are back at it again. 
So you know that we have some Americans in West Africa that help to control and prevent the Ebola virus right? Well apparently, two Americans have caught the virus and may be brought to Atlanta to be cured. A lot of people are worried now, as they should be. Although they (the patients) will be separated and isolated carefully, us U.S. citizens are still a little worried about this. I’ll keep you posted on this situation.
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.03.19 AMI have some bad news!! Remy Ma was not released from prison yesterday! Apparently not too long after the Angie Martinez interview, Remy got into some trouble and it required disciplinary action. broke the story last night and they said that no release date has been given. We are all wondering if her interview had anything to do with her incident…because they both occurred the same day and officials cited “a third party call” being an issue. For more of the story, click on the report below:
You have to see an article that Ice Cream Conversations posted yesterday about people that take on crazy challenges and post them onto social media. I’m talking condom snorting and pass out challenges. Click on the Ice Cream Convo link below to read the article and watch some of the crazy videos!
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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz celebrated their 4 year anniversary this week and they also announced that they are expecting another baby! Congrats you guys!
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Awww, love is in the AIR!!  TI and Tiny are also celebrating their 4 year anniversary this week as well! Congrats you two!