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Wednesday, October 15th: “I’m Going Off Again Today!”

I told y’all that the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was just sending people home after working with Thomas Duncan! Another health care worker has been diagnosed with Ebola. She broke out with a fever on Tuesday and was rushed into isolation. She lives alone and doesn’t have any pets, which is good, but still! The workers that helped with Thomas Duncan need to be home like Nancy Snyderman. Once they saw that first health care worker with Ebola, they should have sent the others home for 21 days. Granted, you are not contagious until your symptoms start to flare, but still. I’m going off right now, I know, but we cannot blame the hospital for this problem. We have to blame the people who created this virus. It’s taking over West Africa, killing all of those people that were just minding their business, and now, it is in the USA which is something we didn’t think was going to happen. That hospital in Texas was not prepared for that patient because Ebola wasn’t relevant. When he told them he had just returned from Liberia, they probably didn’t even realize that Liberia was in West Africa. They did not think of the connection. Let’s be real! Now it is relevant and now every hospital in the USA needs to undergo serious training, but who is going to pay for that? Something just isn’t right with this case. Hip Hop DX even reported that Chris Brown posted on Twitter that he thinks the Ebola epidemic is a form of population control, but he told himself to shut up & I’m going to shut up too. 
 I had to pick y’all brain though!
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It’s Wednesday y’all! Yes Hump Day as we like to call it. Only a few days left before the weekend and I cannot wait! I get to go to Baltimore Maryland this weekend for Morgan State’s homecoming! I am too amped! Anyway, back to the news! 
Did you guys get to see the BET Hip Awards last night? I don’t have cable so I didn’t even realize that it was coming on until I saw it all down my timeline. Well, according to my sources, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Brandy  and Yo-Yo had the best performance singing “I wanna be Down.” I also heard that Remy Ma and her hubby Papoose had everyone all in love last night. How did Snoop Dogg do as the host? Y’all let me know since I missed the show.If you missed it too, you can Click this Link to see all the performances. 
Thanks to Hip Hop DX, we have the list of winners from last night:
Album of the Year: Drake, Nothing Was the Same
Best Club Banger: Future, “Move That Dope”
Best Collab, Duo or Group: YG featuring Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan, “My Ni–a”
Best Hip Hop Video: Drake, “Worst Behavior”
Best Live Performer: Drake
Best Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa, 28 Grams
DJ of the Year: DJ Mustard
Hustler of the Year: Dr. Dre
Impact Track: Common featuring Vince Staples, “Kingdom”
Lyricist of the Year: Kendrick Lamar
Made You Look Award: Nicki Minaj
MVP of the Year: DJ Mustard
Producer of the Year: DJ Mustard
Sweet 16: Best Feature Verse: Kendrick Lamar, “Control”
Track of the Year: YG f/ Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan, “My Ni–a”
Video Director of the Year: Hype Williams
Who Blew Up Award: Iggy Azalea
People’s Champ Award: Drake
Best Hip Hop Online: WorldStarHipHop
So apparently the small social media beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy is getting a little too serious. Iggy fired back on Ig yesterday with a post of Snoop with the caption that said “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.”
Well Snoop created a video calling Iggy out of her name and asked her dude to shut her up before he did. Umm, I think it went a little too far Snoop. To read her tweets Click Here
To watch Snoop’s video, Click the link below:
First Lady Michelle Obama is too cool for me. You know that she’s really into health care and everything right? Well she posted a vine in response to a President Obama impersonator who asked “How many calories do you burn when you turn up.” Her response was Turnip for what? Of course she played Turn Down For what in the background. Matter of fact let me just play it for you.
Too cool
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September 30th

Comedian/Actor, Tracy Morgan, filed a lawsuit against Wal*Mart back in July over the accident that took place in April. His reasoning for suing is quite obvious…he lost his friend James McNair and he along with other passengers were critically injured. Tracy had to undergo surgeries on his ribs and his leg and he spent several weeks in rehab. Well, guess what? Wal*Mart said that the passengers need to take some of the blame because they were not wearing seat belts in the limo van. They said that it constitutes as unreasonable conduct. What do you all think about that? People usually don’t wear seat belts in limo least not that I know of.  Remember, the allegations against the truck driver though. He allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel..he was driving 65mph in a 45mph zone..due to construction. Do you agree with Wal*Mart?
The New England Patriots were destroyed by the Kansas City Chiefs last night…41-14.
TMZ Sports reported that Tyson Beckford  is not watching football this season due to all of the scandals that took place. He said that he has not watched one single football game and he doesn’t plan to anytime soon. He’s completely turned off. TMZ provided a video and Tyson says that it sucks that Ray and his wife are being dragged back through the same situation again by the NFL. To see the video, Click the link below:
Okay so a Chris Brown fan…wait pause, a drunk Chris Brown fan named Mandee is contemplating whether or not she wants to take legal action against Chris. Why? Okay so he was leaving the stage after performing at the Houston club. He was walking through a crowd of people and drunk Mandee decides to grab his face in attempts to kiss him and he pushed her off of him. She thinks that he did too much  and went too far. Well, TMZ has the video and what I saw was  Chris walking through a crowd, with his head turned around (basically looking behind him) and she literally turned his whole face around. Umm drunk lady? How would you respond if someone turned your head around with their drunken lips perked out? I mean in her nails were digging into his cheeks she was holding him so hard. He doesn’t know you, what did you expect Mandee? What do y’all think? To see the video, Click the link below:
Hip Hop DX reported that rapper TI received the key to the city of Jackson, Mississippi. That is a great honor;however, some people feel like the mayor and other officials made a bad choice. TI spoke with children of Jacksonand he told them to take a different route than he did (you know, legally). Of course people are still going to disagree with TI getting the key but I guess the fact that he’s so open about his life made the mayor feel like his words were encouraging for the children.
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September 29th

Wassup everyone?! I hope you had a great weekend!! Well let’s just dive right into the news…
ISIS seems to be more tough than the US anticipated. An ISIS fighter said that they were prepared for everything that the US and partners have done thus far. They had backup locations and they feel even more unstoppable than before. The fighter said that ISIS has more revenue than just the oil ,so blowing up the refineries is not going to change much for them. I think the US and partner countries need to really sit down and come up with a new and revised plan because ISIS already thought about possible routes and so far the we have not tricked them.
Over the weekend, Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte. CNN reported that former president Bill Clinton and his wife are very excited to be grandparents. Congrats Chelsea and Marc!!
 George Clooney got married over the weekend in Venice…Congrats to the new Clooney’s.
I heard that Denzel Washington was amazing in yet another film…The Equalizer. The movie was number this weekend and they made over $35 million just over the weekend. I’m not surprised though because Denzel is the man! He is so talented. With that being said, if you haven’t seen yet, go check it out.
TMZ reported that Chris Brown’s family…especially his mom and Karrueche, are scared for his life. Apparently, Chris still associates with the Bloods and because of that, violence follows him.I reported last week that the LAPD want clubs to ban chris from performances because they are tired of all of the fights and shootings that occur almost every time Chris Brown is present. Chris’ mother talked to his therapist about getting him to rethink his gang friendship. Hopefully it workes before it’s too late.
A few artists are dropping mix tapes this week according to Hip Hop DX…like Cam’Ron, Future, Waka Flocka..
To see the whole list Click here!
The Patriots take on the chiefs tonight at 8:30pm Eastern Time. For Sunday’s NFL scores, check out the link:
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It’s Hump Day everybody! Not only is it Hump Day, it is the day before Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder Premiere on ABC! I am super excited!! Who’s having a viewing party because I am coming through!
Secretary of State John Kerry said that “It will take time” for the airstrikes to completely degrade ISIS. As you all know, the US and other partner countries began airstrikes in Syria and other northern cities, but yesterday nor today will be the last. Both President Obama and John Kerry are in New York today for the US General Assembly meeting.  As of this morning, John Kerry said he cannot personally say if the leader of the Khorasan Group was killed, but he did confirm that there were “active plots against the US.
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It’s Hump Day!!!! August 27th News

The summer is officially over for me! Today is my first day back in school! I’m going to miss the summer vacation, But I still have the weekends to turn up! On that note, It’s Hump Day y’all, only a couple more days before the work week is over…
 Okay so let’s get to some news! 
Let’s start with Mike Brown. Okay so the key-factor during this entire shooting situation has always been race. A white officer killed an unarmed African American boy. protestors were chanting and trying to make a difference, and people were voicing their complaints about the amount of African Americans on the police force in Ferguson. They were complainig about the police force in general. African Americans make up what, 67% of Ferguson? Why, out of 12 members, is there only 3 African Americans on the jury for this case? Just 3!?!?! They couldn’t find 6 and 6? Not only of they only have 3 African Americans, the prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch doesn’t even have a good relationship with the African American community in St. Louis and he gets along very well with the police force. This just doesn’t make sense to me. 
Read More:
TMZ reported some juicy information about the Love And Hip Hop ATL ’s infamous fight that we’ll see in full on Monday. There is a lawsuit of course, but guess what it says in the lawsuit! “Eyewitnesses allegedly observed Joseline Hernandez, smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage during the show. “ So when Benzino or Althea, which ever one it was that mentioned something about crack, it triggered Stevie and Joseline to begin the brawl. So apparently, Joseline was most likely high during the fight. Read more:
Nick Cannon is worried about Mariah Carey’s mental state. He wants his kids to be in a stable environment and it seems like he is a little nervous about the kids being with her. TMZ reported before that the divorce is a done deal, but Mariah doesn’t want Nick to discuss the divorce and the details in full until she has broken that ice.That was a legal agreement they had…but  I just hope that things are okay..especially for the twins sake.
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.36.19 AM
Nobody has talked yet about the Pre-VMA party shooting. Suge Knight was shot, but he survived thank goodness. Gang affiliation is still the key allegation, but nobody is coming forth to say why, who, or anything. So we are still left up in the air.
BET set up Chris Brown’s ex-girl Karrueche Tran ! She was the host for 106 & Park the other day and they had a segment called “The Top 6 ThingsBlue Ivy Thought About The VMAs.” Well during the segment, she said “I woke up like this because my parents never comb my hair.” Well…..the beehive went nuts! She received death wishes and all types of messages after that. Granted, she was just reading the teleprompter, but many believe that she should have stood up for “true beliefs” and refrained from making the comment and laughing afterwards. She apologized via Instagram to both Beyonce and people offended by her comment. Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club named her the “donkey of the day” yesterday. Many people are saying that BET probably did this on purpose because Beyonce mailed in her performance for them, but faithfully shows up for the VMAs LOL. 
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.25.30 AM
Here’s the actual 106 & Park clip:
Here’s what The Breakfast Club had to say about it:
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Monday, August 25th News

Hey! I hope you all had a great weekend! Let’s get started with the VMA’s!!
Of course Beyonce shut down my time lines last night! LOL! I turned the channel for one second and I got onto Instagram and she was all I saw! She performed and and shut us all up though! Her family may be going through some things but they are still together. That’s really all we need to know.
To see Beyonce’s full performance, CLICK HERE!! 
Anyway, Nicki was in a lot of performances last night, but she did her thing as well. They had a moment of silence for Michael Brown which was pretty cool and Miley Cyrus made an attempt to help the homeless…I’m sure she’ll be successful at it.  It was a great show….Even though Iggy fell off the stage LOL. Don’t worry Iggy, it happens to everyone at some point. The way she got back onto stage was fancy though LOL.
Watch the fall below:
Chris Brown was shot at this weekend at a nightclub in West, Hollywood…but he wasn’t hit. However, Rapper Suge Knight was shot and injured. Suge’s family told TMZ that he was shot 6 times, once in the arm and 5 times in the stomach. Cops are investigating the shooting and right now they are paying close attention to Blood gang affiliation. Chris was throwing the pre-VMA party on his own at a nightclub that he attends almost every Sunday. Apparently, when he is there dancing and partying, he throws up gang signs and rocks a red bandana. Rapper The Game tried to get into the party but was denied entry…he didn’t leave without a fight and you know he is a Blood. Suge Knight is a Blood. That’s just the speculations going on right now….Get well soon Suge Knight.
For more of the TMZ story, CLICK HERE! 
The Illinois Little League Baseball team played their little hearts out yesterday against South Korea. They lost, but not without a little fight. This team full of African American members almost won the World Series Title! Almost is good enough for us! Maybe they’ll have better luck next year..and make history and bring that title home to the USA.
Kevin Love will now be joining Lebron James on the Cavaliers Court! He is officially playing for Cleveland.
Michael Brown’s funeral took place today. It was full of tears, but it was also full of hope. Rev. Al Sharpton said “Don’t do violence “in Michael’s name” among other speakers advocating non-violent behavior. To read the full funeral coverage, click the CNN link below:
And in the rest of the world, California experienced a terrible earthquake this past weekend, a police chief was shot and killed in Texas, and an American journalist was freed from custody in Syria.
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It’s FRIDAY!!! August 15th News

Hey everybody! It’s finally Friday and the news is finally getting better!
 Breaking News!!! The name of the officer that shot Mike is Darren Wilson.
There were peaceful protests for Michael Brown’s justice yesterday…not only in St.Louis, but in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago and Atlanta just to name a few. People of all races are coming together to highlight the racial divide in the country.CNN has even covered a story entitled “The painful truths parents tell their black sons” This movement is powerful! Like I am getting emotional right now just writing this because this is actually happening right now! That is finally a story that is being reported! I’m sorry, let me get out of my feelings….There  was no tear gas used yesterday and the Missouri State Highway Control took over security in the city.
FYI: CNN has complete coverage of the entire Michael Brown case. Just Click here to follow along.
Robin William’s wife announced that her husband was suffering from early stages of Parkinson’s. She said that his sobriety was intact, but he was suffering from anxiety, depression and then Parkisans became another burden on his life. In a written statement, Robin’s wife, Susan Schneider wrote:
“It is our hope in the wake of Robin’s tragic passing, that others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid.”

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It’s Friday!! August 1st News

 Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.10.27 AM
Chris Brown is now back on the market! His girlfriend, Karrueche, broke up with him because he is too immature and she thinks that he is ruining his life by partying more than he is making music. She is also fed up with the whole Rhianna saga. According to TMZ, Chris Brown took his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend’s friend to St.Tropez this week and took pictures with the girl…I guess that was his way of getting back at Karrueche. Well, it didn’t work too well because she has changed her phone number so that Chris Breezy cannot contact her. Apparently, she has been unhappy for a while now and she really got upset when Chris Brown liked 2 pictures on IG that someone posted of him and Rhianna.
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.14.19 AM
Things started to get better over in the middle east, but not anymore. Only hours after a cease fire took effect, both Israel and Gaza felt like their opposers violated the truce. Now, they are back at it again. 
So you know that we have some Americans in West Africa that help to control and prevent the Ebola virus right? Well apparently, two Americans have caught the virus and may be brought to Atlanta to be cured. A lot of people are worried now, as they should be. Although they (the patients) will be separated and isolated carefully, us U.S. citizens are still a little worried about this. I’ll keep you posted on this situation.
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.03.19 AMI have some bad news!! Remy Ma was not released from prison yesterday! Apparently not too long after the Angie Martinez interview, Remy got into some trouble and it required disciplinary action. broke the story last night and they said that no release date has been given. We are all wondering if her interview had anything to do with her incident…because they both occurred the same day and officials cited “a third party call” being an issue. For more of the story, click on the report below:
You have to see an article that Ice Cream Conversations posted yesterday about people that take on crazy challenges and post them onto social media. I’m talking condom snorting and pass out challenges. Click on the Ice Cream Convo link below to read the article and watch some of the crazy videos!
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.57.41 AM
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz celebrated their 4 year anniversary this week and they also announced that they are expecting another baby! Congrats you guys!
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.58.38 AM
Awww, love is in the AIR!!  TI and Tiny are also celebrating their 4 year anniversary this week as well! Congrats you two!