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Hump Day!! August 20th News

It’s Hump Day everybody!!! It’s only a couple more days left until the weekend…TURN UPPPP! Seriously though, this week is going by fast. Okay so let’s get started.

I’m pretty sure that you have all heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge..If not, the challenge was created to bring awareness to the “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” Pouring the ice onto yourself gives you a quick feeling of how it is to lose control of your body like the disease pretty much does. Well, I was challenged by 2 people yesterday! So now that I have to do it, YOU HAVE TO DO IT! THAT’S RIGHT! YOU PICKED A GREAT DAY TO VISIT MY WEBSITE AND READ MY NEWS ! You have 24hrs! I am challenging you, my boyfriend, a few of my friends and the entire BIAO Radio staff to the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Tag me to your videos so I know it’s real. After you’re finished, go to and donate money for the ALS research.

Moving on, Little League baseball player Mo’ne Davis made the cover of Sports Illustrated!Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.07.40 AM

She is the first Little League player, male or female, to ever end up on the cover . This little lady is amazing. She is only 13 and she has already captured the hearts of many with her fastball. To witness the Philadelphia native in action, watch her tonight at 7:30 Eastern time on ESPN. Side bar: Doesn’t she look just like BowWow when he was her age?? That could be his little sister for real for real LOL.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.20.27 AM                                                                  Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.36.20 AM

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Monday, August 11th News

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend!  Let’s start off with some good news today! For all of you golf fans out there, Rory Mcllroy won the PGA championship. It wasn’t easy, but he did it. Here are the key things you need to know about Rory’s win…provided by DailyMail:
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It’s Friday!! August 1st News

 Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.10.27 AM
Chris Brown is now back on the market! His girlfriend, Karrueche, broke up with him because he is too immature and she thinks that he is ruining his life by partying more than he is making music. She is also fed up with the whole Rhianna saga. According to TMZ, Chris Brown took his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend’s friend to St.Tropez this week and took pictures with the girl…I guess that was his way of getting back at Karrueche. Well, it didn’t work too well because she has changed her phone number so that Chris Breezy cannot contact her. Apparently, she has been unhappy for a while now and she really got upset when Chris Brown liked 2 pictures on IG that someone posted of him and Rhianna.
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.14.19 AM
Things started to get better over in the middle east, but not anymore. Only hours after a cease fire took effect, both Israel and Gaza felt like their opposers violated the truce. Now, they are back at it again. 
So you know that we have some Americans in West Africa that help to control and prevent the Ebola virus right? Well apparently, two Americans have caught the virus and may be brought to Atlanta to be cured. A lot of people are worried now, as they should be. Although they (the patients) will be separated and isolated carefully, us U.S. citizens are still a little worried about this. I’ll keep you posted on this situation.
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.03.19 AMI have some bad news!! Remy Ma was not released from prison yesterday! Apparently not too long after the Angie Martinez interview, Remy got into some trouble and it required disciplinary action. broke the story last night and they said that no release date has been given. We are all wondering if her interview had anything to do with her incident…because they both occurred the same day and officials cited “a third party call” being an issue. For more of the story, click on the report below:
You have to see an article that Ice Cream Conversations posted yesterday about people that take on crazy challenges and post them onto social media. I’m talking condom snorting and pass out challenges. Click on the Ice Cream Convo link below to read the article and watch some of the crazy videos!
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.57.41 AM
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz celebrated their 4 year anniversary this week and they also announced that they are expecting another baby! Congrats you guys!
Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.58.38 AM
Awww, love is in the AIR!!  TI and Tiny are also celebrating their 4 year anniversary this week as well! Congrats you two!
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Wednesday, July 30th News


Yesterday, I told you all that Stephen A. Smith spoke out about domestic violence last week on First Take. Okay so, Ray Rice has been suspended for 2 games due to the domestic violence incident that he was involved in with his fiancee and Stephen A gave his opinion. He was basically saying that it’s wrong for men to hit females, but women should not provoke a man either. Some people were very offended that Stephen A would even say that such violence is provoked. So, now he is suspended for a week. He has given a heartfelt apology. To see the clips, check out my BIAO News report from yesterday. I have both his apology and his original statement. Was Stephen A wrong for what he said? Should he be suspended? What do you think?


Nicki Minaj changed the release date of Anaconda to August 4th. She posted on Instagram “My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday August 4th. I promise you will understand why before this week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu”. I feel like she may have something up her sleeve, but like she said we’ll find out later this week…however, I am still curious to know why you think she’s pushed it back (LOL)! Comment and let me know!

Ray-J has a new song out called “Never Shoulda Did That” and he is letting all of his regrets out; like taking drugs, fighting in clubs, cheating in his girl and here’s the shocker…HAVING SEX ON CAMERA! (I definitely paraphrased lol) Come on Now, we know that means the Ray J & Kim K sex tape LOL. He actually said that he regrets that! I mean I guess, but that did put him on the map though and I wonder how many people would have listened to I hit it first if he never put out the sex tape lol. I don’t know if you should regret that Ray J. 

According to Timbaland, Missy Elliott has an album underway! Welcome Back Missy!

There was another attempt to call for a cease-fire in the middle east yesterday, but it failed. Gaza and Israel still have demands. Hopefully they can come to a mutual decision soon because people are dying left and right.

Tiny has spoken out about her song “What the F**k you Gon Do?” and she says that she made that song over a year ago. So basically, NO SHE IS NOT GETTING A DIVORCE. Tiny & TI are fine.

Posted by Phylicia D. Townes

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Monday, July 28th News

The LA Lakers have agreed on Byron Scott to be the next head coach….Sources told ESPN that Byron Scott agreed to a four-year contract.

 A representative from Young Money Entertainment told TMZ that they are 100% in business with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo….Weezy is adding a sports management company to his repertoire and Cristiano is his first client. Young Money will handle branding, marketing and other sports management issues that the soccer player has in the U.S.

So I am pretty sure that you have all seen the cover art for Nicki Minaj’s next single Anaconda…her booty has been in memes since last week (LOL). Well if you haven’t seen it, she is kneeled down wearing a pink G-String and some cute sneakers (LOL) BUT NOTHING ELSE. It has caused some controversy…well, put this way, either you hate or love it.
Well Nicki Minaj took to twitter on Friday and posted this:


She basically said that there are people doing similar things. She chose to compare get cover to the swim suit models on covers like Sports Illustrated.



What do you all think? Is it acceptable for the models to dress like that and not Nicki? Comment & Let us know!

Moving on…. Floyd Mayweather has some people wondering about how true his recent Instagram video was true or false. Okay so in a nutshell, his ex Ms. Jackson is dating Nelly and she posted pics of her and Nelly on her Birthday. Nelly did it up for his boo…well two days later, it just so happened to be Floyd Mayweather’s new main chick’s Birthday…”Bad Medina” and he expressed his love for her. People are wondering if it was really Bad Medina’s birthday or nah. They also think that the truth is out that “Bad Medina” was his side chick during his relationship with Ms. Jackson…if it’s true, congrats on the promotion (LOL)…and Happy Birthday to both of them I guess. BUT I hope Floyd wasn’t being that petty.

Hopefully we have a better week than we had this weekend because it was bit rough… there was a rare lightning storm in Cali, injuring some and killing 1, the number of deaths in the middle east are still rising, a toddler ran a jeep into a house, a man was struck and killed by a plane while he was walking on the beach…Fix it Jesus! We need a good week! 

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Thursday, July 17th

The Espy’s took place last night & let me just say, Drake took over the show!! That dude has some serious personality! He was very entertaining and they could not have a chosen a better person to host this year’s award show. I was dying when he did the Lance cam (laugh). Charlotte Hornet’s Lance Stephenson will never live that moment know when he blew on Lebron James?!?! (Laugh) Hilarious. The Washington Post has named the top 10 moments and they have listed all of the winners from last night. You can find the link below:

Whatever your religion or belief is, please keep  the people in the Phillippines and in China in your thoughts. A typhoon touched down in the Phillippines, leaving people without power, homes and unfortunately, some people dead. It has been said that the typhoon is making its way to China.

While you’re at it, please keep California & the west coast in your thoughts because they are experiencing another wildfire. 

We can always depend on TMZ to dish out the juice on things! Well, they have the juice about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta brawl and it’s not pretty. It all started with Benzino calling Stevie J a crackhead. Stevie got mad & told Benzino to shut the f*** up and the next thing you know, Joseline Hernandez “baby” jumped up and punched Althea in the face! According to the people around her, they heard a crack…anyway, Joseline pulled out some of Althea’s weave then she made her way over to Waka Flocka’s wife Tami..pulling her pony tail weave out…that’s when Deb stepped in and punched Joseline and ripped out her extensions. Once security got Joseline off the set, she managed to get another dig in in her way out! She elbowed Mimi in the back and shoved her down the stairs! BUT get this,she even bit a security guard and ripped off a piece of flesh..Now the cast wants the producers to fire Joseline..Umm ya think? She took this reality tv stuff way too far! 

Well, Tiger Woods is doing his thing over in the British Open…Congrats to him!

& Marvel has changed the whole comic book world around! Okay, so Thor is now a woman and Captain America is black! yup we can expect to see an African American face for  now on… I guess? What do you think about the new Captain America? Let us know!

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Wednesday, July 9th

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks will be riding solo for about 8 years because her hubby Apollo will be in prison. We knew from the news and the last season of the show that he was facing fraud charges, but now it is official, He has been found guilty. His ex-right hand chick Gayla told agents that Apollo only paid her scraps  compared to the amount of money he made from his fraud schemes. So she got tired of it and agents were on her case so she gave the agents the okay to record her conversations with Apollo. Well that’s all they needed to take him down. Poor Phaedra…first he went to prison for auto-loan fraud now this. After he serves his 8 years, he will have a 5 year probation.
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 7.43.15 AM
So do you all remember the 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria? You know the whole #BringBackOurGirls movement, well according to Nigeria’s National Council of State, we should be expecting some good news very soon about the young ladies! That is wonderful news! Although the situation kinda silenced out a little, the council and government have been working very hard to figure out how they could safely remove the girls without endangering their lives. I cannot wait until the girls are back home, safe with their families.
Columbus Short has finally let out a statement since we heard about him tripping this year! SO when it comes to us hearing about him beating someone up back in March, he said “There comes a time when you have to exercise patience,Sometimes you get yourselves in situations where you don’t realize people are actually testing you. People are actually provoking you. When it was involving my wife, my estranged wife, who I loved dearly and wanted to protect, you are going to do what you need to do to protect that.” So basically the guy was disrespecting Columbus’ wife and he was protecting her…That case was dropped. He also said that he was not in a fight the other day, but when the police arrested him he had a few choice words so that’s why we heard that he was publicly intoxicated and everything….and well we already know that his divorce case has been settled, but he did say that they were going through serious, serious problems,  but he is not a violent man and he never physically put his hands on a woman.
Rosie O’Donnell will be returning to “The View”! So now it is Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’donnell. As we wonder who’s going to come onto the set next, Rosie has already started to tell the execs who she doesn’t want…& i believe that she has mentioned reality television stars…but that’s none of my business.
& finally Donald Sterling will be in court again today to answer more questions. According to USA Today & Donald’s attorneys, he did a great job yesterday and he is really giving his wife a run for her money. 
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Tuesday, July 8th

Rosie O’Donnell may be coming back to day time television…she may be coming back to The View! You know Sherri Shepherd & Jenny McCarthy are leaving and Barbra Walters already left earlier in the season…so Whoopi Goldberg is the only one left. I hope they bring back Rosie O’Donnell! She was hilarious. We may just find out today if she will be returning or not…

According to TMZ, Beyonce’s Dad, Matthew Knowles has been sued by another woman claiming that he got her pregnant back in 2010.He was a busy man around that time because that is the same year Tina Knowles filed for a divorce because he was cheating. Well now this 30 year old woman wants a DNA test, a declaration of paternity and child support. I hope he has gotten some new clients after Beyonce because he is going to need the money

Yesterday, there was a rumor that Donald Sterling was on the run because he’s not ready to face what’s to come next in his trial; however his attorney said that Donald is right down the street and ready to go to court when he gets an order from the judge to go to the building. Shelly Sterling’s lawyer started the rumor of course….kinda petty but he is supposed to be going back to court today around 5:30 so hopefully we’ll find out what’s going on with the sell of the Clippers. Oh yeah, & his doctor announced that it looks like he may have Alzehiermers disease after all.

Have you guys seen the memes on social media that showed cartoon characters and Kermit asking if “that was fireworks or gun shots?” Well while we find those posts funny, people living in Chicago really had to ask that question! As of yesterday, there were 82 different shootings and 14 deaths this past holiday weekend. Crazy right? Chicago’s police superintendent blames the weak gun laws…we have to do better America. Rest in Peace to those victims.

So what do you all think, Is Lebron James going back to the Cavaliers or what? I hope that we find out soon what where he he’s going to end up.

Have you all been keeping up the “90s: The last Great Decade?” on the National Geographic Channel? Well tonight is the last night of the 3day documentary. It comes on at 9:00pm Eastern Time.

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Monday, July 7th

Actor Columbus Short got into trouble again this past weekend…For those who don’t know he is the guyStomp the Yard and He also played Harrison on Scandal. Anyway, he got arrested in Texas for Public Intoxication…so basically dude was drunk in public, most likely acting a fool. Back in March he into trouble when he was accused of knocking someone out at a West Los Angeles restaurant, then in April his wife said, well ex-wife said the he threatened to kill her & himself with a knife. Well I told y’all about that divorce a few weeks ago. Anyway, he later announced that he is leaving Scandal, but it sounds like he needs to stay there a little bit longer..and let Olivia Pope fix him.

Joan Rivers never fails to amaze us anymore…did y’all hear about her calling President Obama gay & first lady Michelle Obama a transgender? ! Well the comedian married off a gay couple so a photographer wanted to interview her. He asked her if she believed that the U.S. would ever see the first gay president or female president. She said “We already have it with Obama, so let’s calm down. You know Michelle is a trans.” She later appeared on CNN saying that everyone’s reaction is politically incorrect attack on her because she’s old, Jewish, a woman and a heterosexual.

The Iggy and Nicki Minaj Beef never existed…the two female rappers basically shut down the rumors about them having an issue with each other..Apparently people have felt that Nicki threw shade at Iggy at the BET awards but Nicki said she basically likes to uplift all up & coming artists to write their own music..She also said that she congratulated Iggy on her song Fancy publicly. Iggy later posted that she doesn’t have a problem with Nicki and she wants everyone to Just let it go.

Kevin Garnett is being sued by his neighbor in Malibu because his new additions on his mansion are blocking the neighbors view of the ocean. He said that Kevin didn’t even have the proper permits to add on all of the stuff that he did. The neighbor also complained about Kevin now cutting down trees & stuff, I don’t know, This is a petty argument that could have been avoided

& finally
Young Money is being sued by a company that sold them their domain name back in 2011. The deal was Lil’Wayne and his crew were supposed to pay the company $600,000 for the website name…..if they missed a payment, the company would get their website back. Well Young Money hasn’t paid $250 thousand so now the company is ready to sue them…

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Wednesday, June 26th

The US takes on Germany tomorrow. Hopefully they  either win or get a tie to stay in the World Cup. I don’t even watch soccer like that, but these games are tough on the low!

Justin Bieber was in a car accident  in Beverly Hills yesterday…running from the paparazzi. Don’t worry, he’s okay. He was riding in an Escalade with someone when a photographer started to follow them. They started to speed down Canon Drive to lose the guy when they ran into a BMW. The BMW driver misjudged how fast the Escalade was going. Justin hopped right into another car and dipped, so he’s okay.

Lebron James reported yesterday that he will be a free agent this summer! Yup, He is using his early-termination option, but Before y’all Heat fans start packing your bags, this doesn’t mean that Lebron will leave the Heat, it just means that he will leave himself open for other options.  according to Yahoo Sports’  Lebron was unhappy with how the franchise elected to amnesty Mike Miller last year and not add anyone of value to the team. So he is making this choice to be a free agent to impose pressure to the Heat.

According to Bossip and OK! Magazine, Beyonce & Jay Z may be seeking counseling 3 times a week to avoid getting a divorce. Apparently, they got this marital saving idea from Gwyneth Paltrow. According to the two sources, Jay Z has already stopped associating himself with people to save his marriage. Read more about the story on my website.
A 3 year old little girl named Victoria was mauled by pitfalls back in April and now she has scars, especially on her face. Well, her family claims that a KFC in Jackson, Mississppi asked the family to leave because Victoria’s face was scaring other customers. They created a gofundme campaign and raised over $30,000 for her treatment…even KFC made a donation…however the funds are now frozen because there has not been any evidence found that the allegations are true. 
& Finally, Apple might just have some great new products coming your way this year…I’m talking smart watches, phones with bigger screens and more.