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October 2nd News

Wassup everyone?!?! It’s Thursday…just one more day before the weekend is here! Thank goodness because this week was no joke. Today is also special because Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to get away with murder come on tonight!! Oh yeah, and Thursday Night Football! Who’s playing tonight? The Vikings and the Packers?…Yeah today is going to be a good day.
Well, Julia Pierson, the director of secret service, resigned yesterday…which is not a surprise. There have been a few security breaches within the last few months and like she said, it’s in the best interest of the Secret Service and the American public if she steps down. Congress had lost confidence in her ability to run the agency and that concern drove her to resign.
It turns out that the guy from Dallas, Texas that contracted Ebola in Liberia had contact with more than just the people at the hospital. He was in contact with at least 4 children and a close person to him. They are all being watched closely for signs of the virus.
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It’s Officially October y’all! I can’t believe it! This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Please do some research on both  and donate and spread the word where ever and when ever you can.
For more information about Breast Cancer: Click Here
For more information about Down Syndrome: Click Here
So TMZ reported yesterday that Tracy Morgan is still in a wheelchair. He may not be able to walk again for awhile actually….Hopefully it gets better with time.
Porsha Williams will not be returning to season 7 of Real Housewives of Atlanta as a full-time cast member. She has been replaced demoted by Claudia Jordan. Porsha will now appear in the show as just a friend.Demetria McKinney will also have appearances this season. Season 7 premieres November 9th.
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October 1st News

The US has experienced its first case of the Ebola virus in Dallas Texas. Eric Duncan went to visit his family in Liberia and came back with the virus. He didn’t go to the hospital to seek help until 4 days later. CNN reported that nobody else should be at risk, but they are keeping an eye on the paramedics that helped the patient. Just Be safe everyone.
So I was reading this CNN report this morning called “The Great American Freakout.” You guys should check it out. It is basically talking about how scared Americans have been since the whole ISIS situation started; especially after the Subway systems in New York and in Paris were supposedly threatened last week. I think that this article is bringing awareness to the fact that we have been constantly told not to worry and not to be afraid, but the majority of Americans feel like ISIS is a threat to our country. Reports already stated this week that the group was unaffected by our airstrikes. They were prepared and it didn’t phase them.I think the author is implying that we shouldn’t be scared, but we have every reason to be.  I say all of this to say, keep up with the news when it comes to these things people. Pay attention to what’s happening around you and try to stay safe. You never know what may happen.
Michael Phelps was pulled over for a DUI yesterday morning in Baltimore. TMZ reported that the olympic swimmer was gambling at the Horseshoe Casino for hours before he left intoxicated. Sources told TMZ that his drink of choice that night was beer.
Reports are saying that Apple will be launching gold iPads this month….They are seriously on the roll! They want us to forget about the nude it working? ha ha ha Get that Bread Apple, I’m not mad at you.
Tracy Morgan says that he cannot believe that Wal*Mart is saying that he and his friends are partly to blame for their injuries. I reported yesterday tha teal*Mart has stated that Tracy and his friends should have been wearing seat belts on the limo van. USA Today reported that Tracy said “I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. My friends and I were doing nothing wrong.
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August 13th News (It’s Hump Day!)

Steve Ballmer is now the owner of the LA Clippers. He finally completed the $2 Billion deal with Shelly Sterling yesterday. According to TMZ reports, Shelly Sterling’s attorney said that Shelly is confident that Steve Ballmer will bring a championship to the city in the very near future. As for Donald Sterling, the NBA is suing him for all of his attempts to sue the league. They want him to pay all of their legal expenses that they used to fight him. Sheesh, Donald you just can’t win dude.
Comedian and actor Robin Williams shocked the world on Monday when he committed suicide. It has been reported that he hanged himself after a failed attempt to slit his wrist with a pocket knife. This is a sad story to have to even have to talk about right now, but you know what, Robin has brought much needed attention to depression. We know that depression exists, but do we really know how severe the disease is? Robin Williams had been severely depressed for a while and he went to a rehab facility last month, but he decided to take his life. For information about depression Click Here! 
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Actress Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday at the age of 89.She is known for her husky voice, stunning looks, and her theater and movie acting. Lauren Bacall, you will be missed. Rest in Peace
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The Ferguson Police force in St. Louis Missouri has the US riled up after one of their officers shot and killed an unarmed african American boy, Michael Brown. Even Celebrities have taken to social media to voice how they feel about the matter. Hip Hop DX reported that Killer Mike, Big Boi, and Nelly just to name a few have spoken out about the shooting. To find out what they had to say, Click here!
In other news, remember the boy that participated in the fire challenge? Well he was 16 and his mother has been arrested for assisting him. Ice Cream Conversations has the Scoop of the story: Click Here! If you need a reminder of the video, well here it is SMH (Shaking my Head):
Dallas Cornerback, Orlando Scandrick has been suspended for popping a molly. He apologized yesterday for a failed drug test that led to his four-game suspension from the NFL. For more of the story Click Here!Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.04.47 AM
And apparently Nelly & his boo Ms. Jackson, Keyshia Cole & Tamela and David Mann will be coming to reality television on BET. That should be an interesting show?!?! JUST KIDDING! They are 3 different shows LOL! For more info, Click Here!
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Wednesday, July 30th News


Yesterday, I told you all that Stephen A. Smith spoke out about domestic violence last week on First Take. Okay so, Ray Rice has been suspended for 2 games due to the domestic violence incident that he was involved in with his fiancee and Stephen A gave his opinion. He was basically saying that it’s wrong for men to hit females, but women should not provoke a man either. Some people were very offended that Stephen A would even say that such violence is provoked. So, now he is suspended for a week. He has given a heartfelt apology. To see the clips, check out my BIAO News report from yesterday. I have both his apology and his original statement. Was Stephen A wrong for what he said? Should he be suspended? What do you think?


Nicki Minaj changed the release date of Anaconda to August 4th. She posted on Instagram “My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday August 4th. I promise you will understand why before this week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu”. I feel like she may have something up her sleeve, but like she said we’ll find out later this week…however, I am still curious to know why you think she’s pushed it back (LOL)! Comment and let me know!

Ray-J has a new song out called “Never Shoulda Did That” and he is letting all of his regrets out; like taking drugs, fighting in clubs, cheating in his girl and here’s the shocker…HAVING SEX ON CAMERA! (I definitely paraphrased lol) Come on Now, we know that means the Ray J & Kim K sex tape LOL. He actually said that he regrets that! I mean I guess, but that did put him on the map though and I wonder how many people would have listened to I hit it first if he never put out the sex tape lol. I don’t know if you should regret that Ray J. 

According to Timbaland, Missy Elliott has an album underway! Welcome Back Missy!

There was another attempt to call for a cease-fire in the middle east yesterday, but it failed. Gaza and Israel still have demands. Hopefully they can come to a mutual decision soon because people are dying left and right.

Tiny has spoken out about her song “What the F**k you Gon Do?” and she says that she made that song over a year ago. So basically, NO SHE IS NOT GETTING A DIVORCE. Tiny & TI are fine.

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