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It’s Hump Day!!!! August 27th News

The summer is officially over for me! Today is my first day back in school! I’m going to miss the summer vacation, But I still have the weekends to turn up! On that note, It’s Hump Day y’all, only a couple more days before the work week is over…
 Okay so let’s get to some news! 
Let’s start with Mike Brown. Okay so the key-factor during this entire shooting situation has always been race. A white officer killed an unarmed African American boy. protestors were chanting and trying to make a difference, and people were voicing their complaints about the amount of African Americans on the police force in Ferguson. They were complainig about the police force in general. African Americans make up what, 67% of Ferguson? Why, out of 12 members, is there only 3 African Americans on the jury for this case? Just 3!?!?! They couldn’t find 6 and 6? Not only of they only have 3 African Americans, the prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch doesn’t even have a good relationship with the African American community in St. Louis and he gets along very well with the police force. This just doesn’t make sense to me. 
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TMZ reported some juicy information about the Love And Hip Hop ATL ’s infamous fight that we’ll see in full on Monday. There is a lawsuit of course, but guess what it says in the lawsuit! “Eyewitnesses allegedly observed Joseline Hernandez, smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage during the show. “ So when Benzino or Althea, which ever one it was that mentioned something about crack, it triggered Stevie and Joseline to begin the brawl. So apparently, Joseline was most likely high during the fight. Read more:
Nick Cannon is worried about Mariah Carey’s mental state. He wants his kids to be in a stable environment and it seems like he is a little nervous about the kids being with her. TMZ reported before that the divorce is a done deal, but Mariah doesn’t want Nick to discuss the divorce and the details in full until she has broken that ice.That was a legal agreement they had…but  I just hope that things are okay..especially for the twins sake.
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Nobody has talked yet about the Pre-VMA party shooting. Suge Knight was shot, but he survived thank goodness. Gang affiliation is still the key allegation, but nobody is coming forth to say why, who, or anything. So we are still left up in the air.
BET set up Chris Brown’s ex-girl Karrueche Tran ! She was the host for 106 & Park the other day and they had a segment called “The Top 6 ThingsBlue Ivy Thought About The VMAs.” Well during the segment, she said “I woke up like this because my parents never comb my hair.” Well…..the beehive went nuts! She received death wishes and all types of messages after that. Granted, she was just reading the teleprompter, but many believe that she should have stood up for “true beliefs” and refrained from making the comment and laughing afterwards. She apologized via Instagram to both Beyonce and people offended by her comment. Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club named her the “donkey of the day” yesterday. Many people are saying that BET probably did this on purpose because Beyonce mailed in her performance for them, but faithfully shows up for the VMAs LOL. 
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Here’s the actual 106 & Park clip:
Here’s what The Breakfast Club had to say about it: