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Marquette Collection- “Untitled” 2015 NYFW

There are many things that make Philly phenomenal, like the history, food, parties, people, scenery, etc. ; however, Philly is extra exceptional because of the creative/talented artistic minded persons that are born there.These very individuals are the ones that  branch out and share their crafts and gifts all across the world and still rep their city wholeheartedly. We say all of this to say that our very own, Ty’ron Perrin, showed up and showed out, once again, for NY Fashion Week’s, Epitome NYC S/S 2016 Collection Show, “Untitled,”  with his newest line of “Marquette Collection.”

The overall mood of the night was classy yet chill, and rather intimate. As we waited for the show to begin, we mixed and mingled with people of all types of backgrounds, talents and careers, with one main focal interest, FASHION. The room was filled with well-dressed individuals that were yearning to see what the designers had to present. The event was packed! There were guests seated, standing, kneeling, you name it ,it was done; all just to witness the fabulous-ness of fashion. There were well-known celebrities and artists in the audience as well, like Ty’ron’s bestie, Jazmine Sullivan, The Rawyals, Final Draft, Joy Villa, “Music Machine” Kenny Black, Kola Rai, designers Dwight Eubanks and Philly’s own Rashad Calhoun,  just to name a few. “Untitled” was an all day event, but this particular segment was allotted to display the works of Etu evans Collection, Very Conceited, Underwood NYC, Eubanks Collection, Shekhar Rahate Haute Couture and of course Marquette Collection.  

Once the music started to play, it was a wrap. Models walked the 3 aisle runway with poise, charisma and enchantment; rocking outfits that were gifted from the gods. BUT, let’s get to our Main man, Ty’ron! From the second the host introduced the “Marquette Collection,” jaws dropped and never lifted back up. His models gave us life with their flawless struts in dresses that were perfectly fitted, chic and classy. He had an array of attire with an accent of yellow that was to die for! There were more than just dresses, there were tops and skirts–with seamless tapestries, one-piece rompers and more. Ty’ron shut it down, literally! As he walked the runway with the models, he was given a standing ovation. After the photographers took their photos of him, everyone got up to leave. Leaving afterwards sounds normal, BUT, the event was not over yet. There was still another collection left for presentation. That’s how dope the “Marquette Collection” was!

After the show, DG Radio had the opportunity to speak with the distinguished, humble creator himself. He told us that he thought he did a good job, but it was confirmed when everyone let him know how great his designs were. He was definitely pleased with the feedback that he received. Outside of the words of others, Ty’ron was pleased to release his collection for others to finally see and enjoy. This was not his first year participating, but he said that this year’s turnout was a lot more successful than last year. Now that this is over, we will just have to wait and see what he has up his sleeves for us next because “Marquette Collection” is only going to get even better from here. In the meantime, check out his work and place an order because his superb pieces will have you dressed to kill the next time you step out. Step out correct!

-Phylicia D.

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Southwest Philly Kickback 2015

Mont Brown and his crew showed up and showed out once again with their 3rd year of the Southwest Philly Kickback. When I say that 55th & Chester Ave was  jumpin’, I am so serious! Entrepreneur and artist, Mont Brown joined together with sponsors to put this kickback together on their block. The turn out was phenomenal and Mont was definitely grateful to see his vision, once again, come to fruition.

“I’m blessed. I was put here for a reason and this seems like this is it,” Mont mentioned with a humble tone. Mont explained that there are not a lot of million dollar corporations where he comes from, so he wanted to give people from all walks of life a platform to showcase different types of artistry. The kickback incorporated activities for the youth as well as lots of art, fashion and music. Amongst the performers and entrepreneurs, was his 13 year old daughter, Solis. This young lady is very talented! She plays the piano & guitar, she is a singer & songwriter and let me not forget that she even has her own clothing line-which was modeled at the kickback. “I love to perform,” said the excited, young entrepreneur. I must add that her daddy, Mont, is very proud of his baby, but he made sure to mention that he has instilled a “hard-work” ethic into his daughter. He smiled as he spoke about his “baby girl” and was happy to share this experience with her the day before father’s day.

Neither the few rain drops nor the extreme heat could stop everyone from coming out and having a good time. It was almost impossible for people to just stand around bored with nothing to do. There were ample vendors to checkout and support, bouncy houses to jump in and performances to rock with. Both Senator Anthony Hardy Williams and State Representative Jordan Harris were ecstatic to see so many young people come together for the kickback and negate behaviors that have been seen lately on the news. Even community leader Nehemiah Davis stopped by to share a few words of acknowledgement to the crowd. Nehemiah also agreed that hosting events such as the kickback are imperative to the community, “We gotta show unity and we gotta show support.Support is imperative for us to succeed.”

Overall, the “Southwest Philly Kickback” shut down the city and put out a message that could not be ignored. Between the extensive media coverage, social media outreach and the bumpin’ music, the event was definitely something to remember. To top off Mont Brown’s evening, BME Community manager of Philadelphia, Jeff Jones,  announced  Mont as one of the 2015 BME Leaders. Jeff explained, “[Mont] was acknowledged for being a community build and a community leader,” and by the looks of the success of Saturday, he deserved every bit of the acknowledgement.

-Phylicia D

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WIM Philly Conference 2015

It’s very rare that you walk into a room full of women and witness nothing but encouragement, positivity and support. Well,“WIM Philly Conference 2015” was that rare exception as ‘Women In Media’ came together at the Impact Hub in North Philly, to gain more knowledge about the competitive industry. The empowering event was full of a series of advice and tips for the attendees to take back to their workplaces and every day lives.

This year’s conference brought a whole new energy through speeches from both Nedia Ralston and Loraine Ballard Morrill. Their stories were both intriguing and real. After their words of wisdom, Loraine Ballard Morrill was presented with the Arête of Media Award for all of her accomplishments as an amazing woman in media. She mentioned to DG that she was very honored to win the award and she really enjoyed her day with WIM.

After powerful words from those two ladies, it was interactive workshop time! We heard Live & Lead with C.A.R.E by Tiffany Tavarez, Monetize Thyself: Pitch Pray and Slay by Nicole Walters, GDIP: Intro to Web Concepts by Dominque Clark and Creating Compelling Multimedia Content by Denise James. I would tell you guys some of the advice that we were provided, but then I would be doing these ladies a huge disservice! You have to attend an WIM event to get the juice.

The entire event was empowering and every single woman that attended left feeling like a “Superstar.” We had a chance to hear from an awesome media panel with boss ladies Sabrina Vourvolias, the managing editor of Al Dia News, Bex, on air personality of 96.5 AMP Radio, Desiree Peterkin-Bell, City of Philadelphia Representative and Mayor’s Director of Communications and Kristina Jenkins, Editor of Uwishunu. The panel discussion was moderated by WIM’s very own Sincerely Syreeta and the ladies shared their obstacles and triumphs  as women in their work places. As the ladies exited the stage, Breast Cancer survivor and entrepreneur, Kim Reed , was called to the stage to close us out with charges before we joined the IAM Networking session and cocktail hour. As she presented us with our charges, she also reminded us that we are SUPERSTARS!  The event was amazing and it was inspirational for women of all fields. Here are a few of the changes that we were left with–until next year:

#1. Know your Value

#2. Reflect on who you are and what you have to offer

#3. Accept nobody’s definition of your life-define yourself

#4. You’re going to fall more than you succeed

#5. Opportunities are connected to people-Your network is equal to your net worth.

-Phylicia D.

This event coverage writeup was also used for DG Radio.

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Duffy’s Hope Celebrity Basketball Game 2015

Founder and CEO, Allen “Duffy” Samuels, and the volunteers of Duffy’s Hope, succeeded again with their annual Celebrity Basketball Game. “Drip Drop,” swish and screams is all you could hear in the Bob Carpenter Center at the  University of Delaware, where hundreds of children and supporters filled the gym to witness positive modules such as Bryshere Gray aka “Yazz the Greatest,” Diggy Simmons, Sevyn Steeter, Bobby V, Shemeik Moore, Mack Wilds and more.

Duffy’s Hope, founded 14 years ago, “is a service provider for at-risk and hard to reach youth ages 12-17,” with multiple success stories to prove that what they do works. Behind the scenes, Duffy expressed a few favorable outcomes and they were deep yet heartwarming. Not to go into too much detail, but one story transitioned from a young lady being a prostitute, before the age of 15, to a sophomore in college on a full scholarship.”Won’t He Do it?!” This just goes to show that  Duffy’s Hope is more than just an organization that puts together a celebrity basketball game, they are an organization that changes lives. That is exactly why celebrities did not mind coming out to support such an amazing cause, our youth.

Children and young adults had the opportunity to hear some of their role models’ words of wisdom earlier in the day at a teen summit hosted by Duffy’s Hope. Afterwards, there was a meet and greet with the stars, and then, things got real on the ball court. The teams were split up into white and blue and the score was neck and neck for just about the whole game. There were alley-oops, dunks, and 3 pointers happening all over that court. Honestly, the players proved that they can hoop just as well as they act and sing. It was amazing. Unfortunately, both teams couldn’t win.

The event overall was super fun. The energy was great, the celebrities were dope, and the vibe was simply positive. If you didn’t make it this year, don’t worry because they will do it all over again next year. Keep up with Duffy’s Hope and get involved  at

-Phylicia D.

Event Coverage was also used for DG Radio. Video Produced and edited by Markeeta Stokes

Yazz the Greatest

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Episode 4: “Proposing Women”

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Wednesday, October 15th: “I’m Going Off Again Today!”

I told y’all that the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was just sending people home after working with Thomas Duncan! Another health care worker has been diagnosed with Ebola. She broke out with a fever on Tuesday and was rushed into isolation. She lives alone and doesn’t have any pets, which is good, but still! The workers that helped with Thomas Duncan need to be home like Nancy Snyderman. Once they saw that first health care worker with Ebola, they should have sent the others home for 21 days. Granted, you are not contagious until your symptoms start to flare, but still. I’m going off right now, I know, but we cannot blame the hospital for this problem. We have to blame the people who created this virus. It’s taking over West Africa, killing all of those people that were just minding their business, and now, it is in the USA which is something we didn’t think was going to happen. That hospital in Texas was not prepared for that patient because Ebola wasn’t relevant. When he told them he had just returned from Liberia, they probably didn’t even realize that Liberia was in West Africa. They did not think of the connection. Let’s be real! Now it is relevant and now every hospital in the USA needs to undergo serious training, but who is going to pay for that? Something just isn’t right with this case. Hip Hop DX even reported that Chris Brown posted on Twitter that he thinks the Ebola epidemic is a form of population control, but he told himself to shut up & I’m going to shut up too. 
 I had to pick y’all brain though!
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.28.49 AM
It’s Wednesday y’all! Yes Hump Day as we like to call it. Only a few days left before the weekend and I cannot wait! I get to go to Baltimore Maryland this weekend for Morgan State’s homecoming! I am too amped! Anyway, back to the news! 
Did you guys get to see the BET Hip Awards last night? I don’t have cable so I didn’t even realize that it was coming on until I saw it all down my timeline. Well, according to my sources, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Brandy  and Yo-Yo had the best performance singing “I wanna be Down.” I also heard that Remy Ma and her hubby Papoose had everyone all in love last night. How did Snoop Dogg do as the host? Y’all let me know since I missed the show.If you missed it too, you can Click this Link to see all the performances. 
Thanks to Hip Hop DX, we have the list of winners from last night:
Album of the Year: Drake, Nothing Was the Same
Best Club Banger: Future, “Move That Dope”
Best Collab, Duo or Group: YG featuring Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan, “My Ni–a”
Best Hip Hop Video: Drake, “Worst Behavior”
Best Live Performer: Drake
Best Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa, 28 Grams
DJ of the Year: DJ Mustard
Hustler of the Year: Dr. Dre
Impact Track: Common featuring Vince Staples, “Kingdom”
Lyricist of the Year: Kendrick Lamar
Made You Look Award: Nicki Minaj
MVP of the Year: DJ Mustard
Producer of the Year: DJ Mustard
Sweet 16: Best Feature Verse: Kendrick Lamar, “Control”
Track of the Year: YG f/ Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan, “My Ni–a”
Video Director of the Year: Hype Williams
Who Blew Up Award: Iggy Azalea
People’s Champ Award: Drake
Best Hip Hop Online: WorldStarHipHop
So apparently the small social media beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy is getting a little too serious. Iggy fired back on Ig yesterday with a post of Snoop with the caption that said “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.”
Well Snoop created a video calling Iggy out of her name and asked her dude to shut her up before he did. Umm, I think it went a little too far Snoop. To read her tweets Click Here
To watch Snoop’s video, Click the link below:
First Lady Michelle Obama is too cool for me. You know that she’s really into health care and everything right? Well she posted a vine in response to a President Obama impersonator who asked “How many calories do you burn when you turn up.” Her response was Turnip for what? Of course she played Turn Down For what in the background. Matter of fact let me just play it for you.
Too cool
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Tuesday, October 14th

Hip Hop DX reported that Snoop Dogg has hurt Iggy Azaela’s feelings on instagram. He posted a picture of a person with braids with a caption that says “Iggy Azaela no makeup.” Iggy took to Twitter and expressed how disappointed she was in Snoop. She said “Every time I’ve ever spoken to you you’ve always been nice as hell, I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason.” Awww poor Iggy!

The San Francisco 49ers beat the St.Louis Rams 31-17 yesterday. Colin Kaepernick did his thing with 3 Touchdowns…& he threw for 343 yards which is not bad. he definitely helped the 49ers climb out of the hole with the Rams.

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Monday, October 13th “I am very Opinionated Today”

It’s Christopher Columbus Day and I hope you enjoy that extra day off!
Okay so let’s get started with the nurse from Dallas with Ebola! Yes, a nurse contracted the virus while taking care of Thomas Duncan. The case is still under investigation because they are curious to how she contracted the virus. She was wearing all of the protective gear. The Centers for Disease Control said Sunday that there was a breach in protocol, but we are not really sure what that means yet. I’m just saying, y’all keep saying oh Americans don’t have anything to worry about, but it looks like we do. They are investigating how she placed and removed her protective gear right? How about, did she work with him when he first came into the hospital September 25th when they didn’t know he had Ebola. How long was she showing these symptoms before she realized what was going on? Who else did she come in contact with? They have all these people going home chilling after spending the entire day with this man…not knowing that they may be sick. That’s exactly how this thing is going to spread! It’s a man made virus that is WAY too easy to catch. I’m just saying
Speaking of chilling, NBC’s Nancy Snyderman went to go buy some soup from her favorite restaurant while she was supposed to be quarantined after her cameraman caught the virus. This was in New Jersey. Listen Nancy, you better get delivery and have them leave your food on the porch! This thing is going to spread. I don’t care what the CDC says.

Things are not getting better in St.Louis at all. Another teenage boy, Vonderitt Myers, was killed by an off-duty police officer while walking down the street. Police say that he was armed and shot at the cop 3 times. The police officer then shot his gun about 17-18 times, hitting Vonderitt about 8 times, once in the head. Vonderitt’s family says that all he had on him at the time was a sandwich that he just purchased from a store; they claim that he was unarmed. The 18-year old was on house arrest.

In other pictures found online, Vonderitt can be seen holding up gang signs and holding guns…do you think that he was innocent? Let me know what you think.
 Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.29.43 PM
Yesterday, what started out as a candle light vigil in St.Louis quickly became a riot. They started out peaceful, giving respect to the family of Vonderitt, then things turned quickly. People were throwing bricks at police cars and throwing knives at the officers. They even burned up some American flags. It’s getting real down there. I hope Justice is found for both Michael Brown and Vonderitt Myers soon before more people get hurt.
Well let’s talk about happy stuff,
Police officials in Californaia say they think they may have identified Suge Knight’s shooter. They are looking for all of the evidence needed to take him or her down.
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.17.04 PM
THE EAGLES WON YESTERDAY!! I love my Birds. They beat the New York Giants 27-0. Like really?!?! I love my team! Anyways, let’s see who else won yesterday? The Cardinals beat the Redskins, the Cowboys beat the Seahawks, The Bears beat the Falcons, Ravens beat the Bucaneers, Chargers beat the Raiders,Broncos beat the Jets, the Lions beat the Vikings, Packers beat the Dolphins, Titans beat the Jaguars, Patriots beat the Bills and the Browns beat the Steelers. I think the Panthers and bengals were tied or something.
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Friday, October 10th

So Drake is in trouble again for a threat. Remember a few weeks back, a stripper said that she was threatened by Drake’s people after she and Drake had sexual intercourse? Well they basically told her not to tell anyone or else…He’s in trouble again! His ex reported him to the police after he threatened to run her outta of place if he seen her. she posted pics of an expensive purse that he bought her and I guess that ticked him off. He sent the texts and the model ex-, Shaye G. told her dad and the police. My question is, Drake….what do you have to hide that these girls are aware of?
There are a lot of weddings yesterday in Vegas. Now that more states have been declared legal for same sex marriage, LGBT couples are tying the knot.
I’m sure that you have all heard that Thomas Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US, died on Wednesday. There has been some controversy behind his treatment while in the hospital. Many people feel, including Thomas’ family, that he was treated unfairly because he was African and lacked insurance. Of course the hospital is saying that they treated him with the same care as anyone else. However, USA today reported that  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has called for an investigation because the hospital missed protocol when dealing with an Ebola patient. They didn’t catch it the first time he came to the hospital.
According to LA Times, Kay Perry will be performing during the Super Bowl 2015 halftime show! Ooh Kill ‘em!
Yesterday was Thursday Night Football!! Click Here to see the scores! 
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 1.46.01 AM
I would like to end the news today with Breast Cancer Awareness! I am doing a Breast Cancer social media campaign today! I need you all to spread awareness by taking a picture wearing something pink, or wearing breast cancer paraphernalia…something and tag me to the pictures! The hashtag for today is #PDTVKnockoutBreastCancer ! You’re not doing it for me, you’re doing it for the survivors and the unfortunate victims of Breast Cancer. So please spread the awareness around!
Remember #PDTVKnockoutBreastCancer
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Wednesday, October 8th!! Hump Day News

CNN has reported that Thomas Duncan, the Ebola patient in Dallas Texas, has died! At least that’s what the hospital told them. I’ll have more details for you later! If this is true, R.I.P. Thomas.