Category: PDTV Episodes

The full Phylicia DTV episodes are derived from topics that fans and supporters suggest on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Phylicia chooses the topic that she deems interesting to the masses and interviews others to find out what they think about it. She then creates short clips that reenact the topic. Because social media is so popular, Phylicia adds comments from social networkers that have something to say about the set topic. These episodes are all based on what others think and everything about it is opinionated. This show gives people the opportunity to speak out about how they feel about certain things. Phylicia loves to receive feedback on the topics and the conversation is highly encouraged to continue on or the affiliated social networks. Phylicia encourages fans and supporters to give her topics that are “no hold bars” because she is open to and willing to talk about any and everything. Please help Phylicia create a show that is for the people! “What you thinking’ bout?”