The Never Ending Story

Chapter 6: Bitter Nasty


It is 6:00 AM in the freakin’ morning. Who could possibly be at my door this early?  “Who is it?” I snap at the door. “Greg from Apple Rose Express, I am delivering your dining room table that you ordered.” A man replies. “This early in the damn morning? You gotta be kidding me! Hold on a second, I have to put some clothes on.” I rush back to my room, stumbling over Darren’s toys due to the crust still perched in the cracks of my eyes. I put on whatever I can find, which ends up being a pair of leggings and a white wife beater with no bra. I can’t find a bra.

I hurry back to open the door and I am shocked at this handsome ass man standing at my door. “Good morning, I’m so sorry to wake you Ms…,” the sexy specimen says. “Ms?” he speaks again. “Ummm, Mrs?” oh my gosh he is so gorgeous, I think to myself. Wait, is he asking me a question? “I am so sorry! I am still half asleep, you can just call me Tiffany. I actually forgot that I requested an early delivery, but I didn’t know that y’all deliver at the ass crack of dawn!” I reply, once I stop drooling over him. 

“Yeah, we try to get a head start to make sure that we fulfill everyone’s morning requests. Did you just move here?” he asks. “No, I’ve been here for 2 years now, but I am just now getting around to decorating. I just got my master’s so I am a full-time therapist now. I also need to go check on my son, so we should probably speed this up.” I just told him way too much information and now I am rushing him! What is up with me? Maybe it’s because I forgot that I don’t have a bra on and I’m getting cold, I don’t know. Did I mention that he’s fine?  “Of course. Where and how do you want it,” he responds. “Excuse me? Put what? I’m not sure what you are expecting, but I’m a Christian woman and I’m packing so don’t try…” I start to pop off. “Ms.Tiffany I’m talking about your dining room set! You requested that we deliver it and put it together for you! Sorry for the misunderstanding.”

Y’all, I am so embarrassed! Am I that hot and bothered that I am losing my mind? Why did my mind get so freaky and why am I still being mean?  I have to go cool down, so I tell him where I want everything setup and leave him in the dining room alone. I decided to tend to the baby to refocus my thought process. “Get it together bitter-nasty, I whisper to myself. He winds up letting himself out because I decided to hide away in Darren’s room. I am so ashamed. 

When I finally come back to check out my new dining set, I see a bouquet of red & white roses in a crystal vase and a note that reads:

Sorry for the confusion this morning. I will be sure to report all of your complaints to management. Your next delivery will be on me. Just to be clear, that means you won’t have to pay.

P.S The roses are our company’s signature ‘thank you’ to our valued customers. Have a blessed day Ms. Tiffany Henson.

That was so sweet, but I will not be requesting anymore deliveries from that company; not because of my uncalled for complaints, but because I am too embarrassed to face that man again. I have to be honest though, it was nice to wake up to a generous man for once. Oh well, let me go take a cold shower and get me and my 3 year old baby ready for our Friday.

2 years later and I still don’t quite have it together.

By phyliciadtv

Phylicia DTV is a web series that includes interviews, social network comments and short clips that discuss a topic given by You! The whole purpose of this show is to bring up topics that runs across almost everyone's mind, that people usually don't discuss. We want to be able to talk about the topics so that you can find out what others think about it. This show is semi-educational, but most of all it is fun! Leave a topic idea and comment when you can so that Phylicia D TV can be a success!

Now about your host, Miss Phylicia DTV herself, Phylicia D. Townes
"I was born to talk, I was born to entertain, I was born to succeed!! The world is huge! I want to see it all, hear it all & experience it all! I am taking you all with me. "
The magic all happened in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have always been one to talk A WHOLE LOT & entertaining people has always been my thing. I chose to create Phylicia D TV because it gives me a chance to do what I do best...TALK & Entertain. I am the type of person who really likes to hear how people feel about certain things so that's why this show is geared towards everyone's opinion. There is a little bit of entertainment news added to the twist because I do study news reporting, but beyond that, this show is created just for you & your curiosity! Please participate by commenting on topics and watching the episodes!

Let's talk about your favorite topics. This is a show where what you think matters the most. This is an opinionated show made just for you. So let me know, "WHAT YOU THINKIN BOUT?!?!?!?"

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