The Phylicia DTV Webshow has Relaunched!!!!

“What Myths Caught You Slippin'”

This episode is about myths that we learned when we were younger, but don’t necessarily believe anymore. Make sure you let us know if you’ve heard of the same myths or maybe different ones that you no longer believe in or still question. Thanks for tuning in! If you would like to see us tackle a specific topic next, leave it in the comments or submit it through the “Topic Ideas” tab of the menu.

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1 thought on “The Phylicia DTV Webshow has Relaunched!!!!

  1. I loved “Sweep My Feet” & “Swallow The Seed”. I could relate to both. I always wondered why some people were soo against getting their feet swept with a broom… I thought it was solely bad manners but now I see a different view. Swallow the seed was hilarious because as children we’re taught different aspects of sex by adults and those teachings may take unique forms in our future adult relationships. Well done Phylicia DTV.

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