Marquette Collection- “Untitled” 2015 NYFW

There are many things that make Philly phenomenal, like the history, food, parties, people, scenery, etc. ; however, Philly is extra exceptional because of the creative/talented artistic minded persons that are born there.These very individuals are the ones that  branch out and share their crafts and gifts all across the world and still rep their city wholeheartedly. We say all of this to say that our very own, Ty’ron Perrin, showed up and showed out, once again, for NY Fashion Week’s, Epitome NYC S/S 2016 Collection Show, “Untitled,”  with his newest line of “Marquette Collection.”

The overall mood of the night was classy yet chill, and rather intimate. As we waited for the show to begin, we mixed and mingled with people of all types of backgrounds, talents and careers, with one main focal interest, FASHION. The room was filled with well-dressed individuals that were yearning to see what the designers had to present. The event was packed! There were guests seated, standing, kneeling, you name it ,it was done; all just to witness the fabulous-ness of fashion. There were well-known celebrities and artists in the audience as well, like Ty’ron’s bestie, Jazmine Sullivan, The Rawyals, Final Draft, Joy Villa, “Music Machine” Kenny Black, Kola Rai, designers Dwight Eubanks and Philly’s own Rashad Calhoun,  just to name a few. “Untitled” was an all day event, but this particular segment was allotted to display the works of Etu evans Collection, Very Conceited, Underwood NYC, Eubanks Collection, Shekhar Rahate Haute Couture and of course Marquette Collection.  

Once the music started to play, it was a wrap. Models walked the 3 aisle runway with poise, charisma and enchantment; rocking outfits that were gifted from the gods. BUT, let’s get to our Main man, Ty’ron! From the second the host introduced the “Marquette Collection,” jaws dropped and never lifted back up. His models gave us life with their flawless struts in dresses that were perfectly fitted, chic and classy. He had an array of attire with an accent of yellow that was to die for! There were more than just dresses, there were tops and skirts–with seamless tapestries, one-piece rompers and more. Ty’ron shut it down, literally! As he walked the runway with the models, he was given a standing ovation. After the photographers took their photos of him, everyone got up to leave. Leaving afterwards sounds normal, BUT, the event was not over yet. There was still another collection left for presentation. That’s how dope the “Marquette Collection” was!

After the show, DG Radio had the opportunity to speak with the distinguished, humble creator himself. He told us that he thought he did a good job, but it was confirmed when everyone let him know how great his designs were. He was definitely pleased with the feedback that he received. Outside of the words of others, Ty’ron was pleased to release his collection for others to finally see and enjoy. This was not his first year participating, but he said that this year’s turnout was a lot more successful than last year. Now that this is over, we will just have to wait and see what he has up his sleeves for us next because “Marquette Collection” is only going to get even better from here. In the meantime, check out his work and place an order because his superb pieces will have you dressed to kill the next time you step out. Step out correct!

-Phylicia D.

This writeup was also used for DG Radio.

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