L.I.F.E “Liberian Independence Fashion Extravaganza” 2015

You know you’re going to have a good time when you are greeted at the door of an event with a red carpet and a group of media paparazzi. That is exactly what went down at District N9ne for SNG Records’ first ever Liberian Independence Fashion Extravaganza. The whole purpose of the event was to bring West Africa to Philly for a night full of fashion, music, drinks and selfies. The ‘one stop shop’ organization, as Prince Mari` likes to call it, displayed all of its greatest assets that night with their artists like Marcus Labon, their designers like Rashad with Dahsar, special guest Kimbella, and a team of dope makeup artists, models and more.

Hosts, Alexis Cali and Mi$$ P held down the stage, accompanied by DJ Kid Rock, as both beautiful and handsome models slayed their way down the runway. We were graced with so many different styles and creative designs; it was almost bound for you to fall in love with at the very least, 5 outfits. In between designers, there were dance and musical performances by girl group Verbosity, Jay Awesome and Marcus Labon, just to name a few. They hit the stage and basically gave the entire event LIFE!  “We like to have fun with the crowd, and  we like to have a big party on stage,” said the ladies of Verbosity. The crowd was classy and dressed to impress, but between the performers, the hosts, and the overall vibe of the event, it was definitely a party to remember!

SNG was very appreciative of all of the support that they were shown and they look forward to turning the L.I.F.E into an annual thing. Be on the lookout for more of their events because this was just a taste of what they have to offer.

-Phylicia D

This was also used for DG Radio.


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