Southwest Philly Kickback 2015

Mont Brown and his crew showed up and showed out once again with their 3rd year of the Southwest Philly Kickback. When I say that 55th & Chester Ave was  jumpin’, I am so serious! Entrepreneur and artist, Mont Brown joined together with sponsors to put this kickback together on their block. The turn out was phenomenal and Mont was definitely grateful to see his vision, once again, come to fruition.

“I’m blessed. I was put here for a reason and this seems like this is it,” Mont mentioned with a humble tone. Mont explained that there are not a lot of million dollar corporations where he comes from, so he wanted to give people from all walks of life a platform to showcase different types of artistry. The kickback incorporated activities for the youth as well as lots of art, fashion and music. Amongst the performers and entrepreneurs, was his 13 year old daughter, Solis. This young lady is very talented! She plays the piano & guitar, she is a singer & songwriter and let me not forget that she even has her own clothing line-which was modeled at the kickback. “I love to perform,” said the excited, young entrepreneur. I must add that her daddy, Mont, is very proud of his baby, but he made sure to mention that he has instilled a “hard-work” ethic into his daughter. He smiled as he spoke about his “baby girl” and was happy to share this experience with her the day before father’s day.

Neither the few rain drops nor the extreme heat could stop everyone from coming out and having a good time. It was almost impossible for people to just stand around bored with nothing to do. There were ample vendors to checkout and support, bouncy houses to jump in and performances to rock with. Both Senator Anthony Hardy Williams and State Representative Jordan Harris were ecstatic to see so many young people come together for the kickback and negate behaviors that have been seen lately on the news. Even community leader Nehemiah Davis stopped by to share a few words of acknowledgement to the crowd. Nehemiah also agreed that hosting events such as the kickback are imperative to the community, “We gotta show unity and we gotta show support.Support is imperative for us to succeed.”

Overall, the “Southwest Philly Kickback” shut down the city and put out a message that could not be ignored. Between the extensive media coverage, social media outreach and the bumpin’ music, the event was definitely something to remember. To top off Mont Brown’s evening, BME Community manager of Philadelphia, Jeff Jones,  announced  Mont as one of the 2015 BME Leaders. Jeff explained, “[Mont] was acknowledged for being a community build and a community leader,” and by the looks of the success of Saturday, he deserved every bit of the acknowledgement.

-Phylicia D

This writeup was also used for DG Radio.

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