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Monday, October 13th “I am very Opinionated Today”

It’s Christopher Columbus Day and I hope you enjoy that extra day off!
Okay so let’s get started with the nurse from Dallas with Ebola! Yes, a nurse contracted the virus while taking care of Thomas Duncan. The case is still under investigation because they are curious to how she contracted the virus. She was wearing all of the protective gear. The Centers for Disease Control said Sunday that there was a breach in protocol, but we are not really sure what that means yet. I’m just saying, y’all keep saying oh Americans don’t have anything to worry about, but it looks like we do. They are investigating how she placed and removed her protective gear right? How about, did she work with him when he first came into the hospital September 25th when they didn’t know he had Ebola. How long was she showing these symptoms before she realized what was going on? Who else did she come in contact with? They have all these people going home chilling after spending the entire day with this man…not knowing that they may be sick. That’s exactly how this thing is going to spread! It’s a man made virus that is WAY too easy to catch. I’m just saying
Speaking of chilling, NBC’s Nancy Snyderman went to go buy some soup from her favorite restaurant while she was supposed to be quarantined after her cameraman caught the virus. This was in New Jersey. Listen Nancy, you better get delivery and have them leave your food on the porch! This thing is going to spread. I don’t care what the CDC says.

Things are not getting better in St.Louis at all. Another teenage boy, Vonderitt Myers, was killed by an off-duty police officer while walking down the street. Police say that he was armed and shot at the cop 3 times. The police officer then shot his gun about 17-18 times, hitting Vonderitt about 8 times, once in the head. Vonderitt’s family says that all he had on him at the time was a sandwich that he just purchased from a store; they claim that he was unarmed. The 18-year old was on house arrest.

In other pictures found online, Vonderitt can be seen holding up gang signs and holding guns…do you think that he was innocent? Let me know what you think.
 Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.29.43 PM
Yesterday, what started out as a candle light vigil in St.Louis quickly became a riot. They started out peaceful, giving respect to the family of Vonderitt, then things turned quickly. People were throwing bricks at police cars and throwing knives at the officers. They even burned up some American flags. It’s getting real down there. I hope Justice is found for both Michael Brown and Vonderitt Myers soon before more people get hurt.
Well let’s talk about happy stuff,
Police officials in Californaia say they think they may have identified Suge Knight’s shooter. They are looking for all of the evidence needed to take him or her down.
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.17.04 PM
THE EAGLES WON YESTERDAY!! I love my Birds. They beat the New York Giants 27-0. Like really?!?! I love my team! Anyways, let’s see who else won yesterday? The Cardinals beat the Redskins, the Cowboys beat the Seahawks, The Bears beat the Falcons, Ravens beat the Bucaneers, Chargers beat the Raiders,Broncos beat the Jets, the Lions beat the Vikings, Packers beat the Dolphins, Titans beat the Jaguars, Patriots beat the Bills and the Browns beat the Steelers. I think the Panthers and bengals were tied or something.

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