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Monday, October 6th

I hope you all had a great weekend!
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The most amazing thing happened in St.Louis, Missouri on Saturday evening. A Michael Brown flash mob performed at the end of a symphony’s intermission! Get this, the people singing were not black!! The symphony was getting ready to continue with their show when  2 people stood up singing an old protest song, modified for Michael Brown’s case. Then after a few seconds, a few more people stood up, then more people stood up with signs and everything. They ended their song and left the venue while chanting “black lives matter.” That is so impressive. I think that the fact that it was a group of non-blacks spoke volume. The way that they went about it was very creative. People applauded as they sang and as they left.  For the full story the CNN link below.
Ashoka Mukpo, Another American citizen, contracted the Ebola virus while in Liberia. He was in Africa working as a cameraman shooting coverage for the Ebola outbreak when he was infected by the virus. He is now back in Nebraska receiving treatment. The CDC continues to say that they are confident that the Ebola virus will not be an outbreak in the U.S. They are trying to take precautionary measures at airports, but we’ll see with time how effective their actions are. Keep your fingers crossed!
Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, said he’s going to rehab. TMZ reported that Michael decided to find the help that he needs after his DUI  arrest in Baltimore las week.  He acknowledged that, “Swimming is a major part of [his]  life, but right now [he] need(s) to focus [his] attention on [himself] as an individual, and do the necessary work to learn from this experience and make better decisions in the future.”
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Hip Hop Dx reported that NFL players are banned from wearing Dr. Dre’s Beats during live broadcasts  because of a deal that the NFL league has with Bose. Hmmm, that makes sense!
Hip Hop DX also reported that, “Drake’s feature on Makonnen’s single “Tuesday” earned him his 72nd appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.” That’s what’s up Drake! For those of you haven’t heard the song, well the music is playing in the background of the news today. Go check out the song! Congrats again to both Makonnen and Drake!!
The Baltimore Oriole’s won again yesterday against the Detroit Tigers 2-1.
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Yesterday was Sunday night footfall! Click Here to see all of the Week 5 scores! The Seahawks take on the Redskins tonight at 8:30pm Eastern time.

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