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September 29th

Wassup everyone?! I hope you had a great weekend!! Well let’s just dive right into the news…
ISIS seems to be more tough than the US anticipated. An ISIS fighter said that they were prepared for everything that the US and partners have done thus far. They had backup locations and they feel even more unstoppable than before. The fighter said that ISIS has more revenue than just the oil ,so blowing up the refineries is not going to change much for them. I think the US and partner countries need to really sit down and come up with a new and revised plan because ISIS already thought about possible routes and so far the we have not tricked them.
Over the weekend, Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte. CNN reported that former president Bill Clinton and his wife are very excited to be grandparents. Congrats Chelsea and Marc!!
 George Clooney got married over the weekend in Venice…Congrats to the new Clooney’s.
I heard that Denzel Washington was amazing in yet another film…The Equalizer. The movie was number this weekend and they made over $35 million just over the weekend. I’m not surprised though because Denzel is the man! He is so talented. With that being said, if you haven’t seen yet, go check it out.
TMZ reported that Chris Brown’s family…especially his mom and Karrueche, are scared for his life. Apparently, Chris still associates with the Bloods and because of that, violence follows him.I reported last week that the LAPD want clubs to ban chris from performances because they are tired of all of the fights and shootings that occur almost every time Chris Brown is present. Chris’ mother talked to his therapist about getting him to rethink his gang friendship. Hopefully it workes before it’s too late.
A few artists are dropping mix tapes this week according to Hip Hop DX…like Cam’Ron, Future, Waka Flocka..
To see the whole list Click here!
The Patriots take on the chiefs tonight at 8:30pm Eastern Time. For Sunday’s NFL scores, check out the link:

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