September 15th

According to LA Times, U.S. officials hope to assemble as many as 100 countries to provide military and nonmilitary assistance, to help to international help to uphold  President Obama’s pledge to degrade and ultimately destroy Islamic State.
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Over the weekend the NFL had a lot going on. There was talk about Ray Rice being reinstated next year and Greg Hardy & Adrian Peterson were deactivated this weekend. Greg Hardy has been in trouble for a while for domestic violence but his deactivation was most likely because of all of the attention and uproar from Ray Rice’s situation. As for Adrian Peterson, he was deactivated due to child abuse.He beat his son with a belt and a tree branch and he left bruises and small cuts on his sons body. When the little boy’s mother saw the injuries on his butt, thighs and hands, she took him to the doctor’s and Child Protective Services were called.  According toTMZ, “Adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury.”
Sunday Football Scores:
Cincinnati Bengals 24, Atlanta Falcons 10
Cleveland Browns 26, New Orleans Saints 24
Buffalo Bills 29, Miami Dolphins 10
Dallas Cowboys 26, Tennessee Titans 10
Carolina Panthers 24, Detroit Lions 7
New England Patriots 30, Minnesota Vikings 7
Arizona Cardinals 25, New York Giants 14
Washington 41, Jacksonville Jaguars 10 (RGIII is out indefinitely due to a dislocated ankle)
San Diego Chargers 30, Seattle Seahawks 21
Houston Texans 30, Oakland Raiders 14
Denver Broncos 24, Kansas City Chiefs 17
St. Louis Rams 19, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17
Green Bay Packers 31, New York Jets 24
Chicago Bears 28, San Francisco 49ers 20
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Floyd Mayweather won the fight against Marcos Madaina Saturday night. Even though Floyd won, his fans are disappointed in him because they feel like he is avoiding the fight they really,really want to see and that’s with Pacquiao. After the fight Floyd told reporters”I got to go back and talk to my team, I’m not ducking or dodging no opponent. If a Pacquiao fight presents itself, let’s make it happen,” but when reporters tried to follow up on his comments he completely swerved them (he did not answer!).Anyways, after the fight Saturday, there was a stampede and 2 fights. 1 guy was taken out of the arena on a stretcher. Back to what your fans want to see though! Come on Floyd, stop ignoring them!

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Iggy Azaela is most likely…well actually she is  the girl in the sex tape that was released last week. At first she said that it probably wasn’t her and if it was her, she was probably a minor. Well now, it has been said that she wasn’t a minor and it was indeed her in the video. Although they are still denying that it is Iggy in the video, Iggy’s lawyers told Vivid Entertainment that they cannot use her name “Iggy” because it is protected by U.S. Trademark. So I’m not what’s going to happen now but if Vivid decides to put the video out, they cannot mention her name. The video was put out by her ex-bf rapper Hefe Wine. He is the one who confirmed Iggy’s age and her presence in the sex tape. He also said that she consented to the recording.  Sources told TMZ that Iggy feels betrayed by her ex-bf for disposing the tape.
Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.50.20 PM
Kanye West made the headlines the weekend and it’s not good news….apparently, he stopped his performance in Australia on Friday and told everyone that he would continue rapping once everyone was standing. There was someone still sitting and he pointed that out and fans began to boo the guy. After a few seconds Kanye said, “Now if he’s in a wheelchair, then that’s fine. He in a wheelchair? OK.”It’s not a big deal, but of course the media felt like it was. He continued on with his show right after that.
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