September 12th

There is new evidence in the Michael Brown case and it may just change some things…for the good! An unidentified person has a some footage of witnesses’ reactions directly after the shooting. There were people running over to the crime scene, but in the video we can see and hear 2 contractors that were not from Ferguson, nor did they know the Brown family. One contractor was screaming, “Man he was like this” holding his hands up in the air. Another guy riding by said “He was no f***ing threat at all!” talking about Michael Brown. The two contractors are white which is a good thing because there are nine whites and three African-Americans on the twelve-member panel of the jury. The unbalanced jury has been given the task of  deciding whether Wilson, who is white, should be charged.The fact that this new evidence is out is a good thing. Although they didn’t see the whole incident, their story is parallel to other witnesses.
The Ravens beat the Steelers last night, 26-6. I was low-key cheering for the Ravens! I read something interesting though,a lot of women and other fans wore Ray Rice Jerzees to the game last night. I guess they forgive him..there are so many mixed feelings going on with this situation right now. Ice Cream Conversations reported that singer, Teyana, Taylor was said to be the reason Ray and Janay got into the altercation, but Teyana said she wasn’t while she was being interviewed on Philly’s Power 99 fm . There were rumors that Ray had received a text from Teyana and that is what ignited the fight, but she said it’s not true and they are homies. He actually used to date her best friend and she does not condone what Ray and his wife did.
TMZ reported that Iggy Azaela may be in a sex tape, but she’s not sure. Apparently there is a tape in the hands of Vivid Entertainment the porn company, yes the same one that produced Mimi and Nikko…anyway, they have a sex tape that may have Iggy on it. Her lawyers says if it is her in the video, she was most likely under the age of 18 and any footage was possibly shot without her consent or knowledge. Like TMZ said, she either knew or she didn’t. There is a lot of maybes’. She says that it was probably an angry ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage her image as revenge or something.
Remember the olympic track star Oscar Pistorious? He thought that his girlfriend was an intruder on Valentine’s Day last year and shot her. Well he admitted that he killed her although he is sticking with the intruder story. He was found guilty of culpable homicide in a South Africa court. He was also found guilty for one other weapon charge. He will be sentenced in a few weeks.
People have already started to order their new iPhones, but the wait is about 3-4 weeks long. Sheesh, I’m team android so maybe I just don’t understand the rush…but it’s probably because I have an Android. I wouldn’t understand.
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