September 2nd News! It’s Back to School Time! Good Luck with the new school year!

Hey Everybody! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday yesterday! It’s back to school time for a lot of kids and young adults today…Good luck with your new school year guys! Well let’s get started with the news in sports:
Defensive end Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player was not signed to the Ram’s 10-man practice squad. So he was basically cut from the Rams all together. Maybe another team will consider him for their practice squad. Either way, his career isn’t over yet. This was just year 1…so we’ll see what happens next. Good luck Michael!
The Texans gave JJ Watt a new 6 year deal that could possibly pay him $100 million.
4 Philadelphia Phillies pitchers combined on the season’s 4th “no-hitter” yesterday in their game against the Atlanta Braves “blanking the Atlanta Braves 7-0.”
Comedian Joan Rivers is still on life support, but doctors plan to “assess the extent of damage to Joan Rivers’ brain today after bringing her out of a medically induced coma.” She stopped breathing during a throat surgery she had last week and went into cardiac and respiratory arrest. Her family is very hopeful that she will recover from this. Her daughter Melissa said that they all have their fingers crossed. We have to be hopeful too everyone so please keep her in your thoughts. Of course the taping of Joan’s show “Fashion Police” on E! has been cancelled for the week.
TMZ has posted some photos of Suge Knight’s scars from the shooting that occurred at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party. To see the GRAPHIC PHOTOS Click Here!
A few female celebrities have been hacked and nude photos have begun to float around the internet! Jennifer Lawerence and a few others have fallen victim and of course they are not happy about it. Right now the cases are under investigation and so far it looks like Apple may be at fault. Apparently hackers can use the “I forgot my password” and the “Find my phone” app to hack into celebrities phones and computers.
Now you all know that I am curious to find out what you all thought about part 2 of the Love and Hip Atlanta Reunion. Was anybody else a little upset that all they discussed was the fight? Well, let me know what you thought about the episode. I also want to know if you think this will be the last season of the Atlanta crew!! Comment in “Keep the Conversation Going”
Let’s end with what’s going on in the U.S and the rest of the world.
Somalia is claiming that the U.S almost killed some of their leaders that were in a meeting during a airstrike yesterday. So far the pentagon is admitting to having an operation in Somalia, but they’re not offering anymore details. We don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but let’s just say that the leaders meeting in the convoy have close ties with Al-Qaeda. 
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