August 26th News

Michael Brown’s funeral took place yesterday. It was full of tears, but it was also full of hope. Rev. Al Sharpton said “Don’t do violence “in Michael’s name” he was just 1 speaker advocating for non-violent behavior. It was definitely an emotional day. As of today, there may be new evince in the case. A guy that lives close to where the shooting took place just so happened to be chatting online at the time of the shooting. He was recording the conversation and in the recording he captured the sound of the gunshots. There was a total of 10 gun shots and there was a slight pause after the first six. The FBI is investigating the audio and its authenticity.

Breaking Bad won the best Drama Award yesterday at the Primetime Emmy’s! Congrats to them. HBO, Saturday Night Live and stars from Orange is the New Black also won awards.There was an emotional Robin Williams tribute. We will really miss that man.

So the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 1 came on last night and it was a very interesting show lol. Unfortunately, the episode ended with the whole Joseline fight..meaning they will show the full fight next week. I really just wanna watch the interviews! They can keep the fighting. I mean if y’all like it, I’m sorry to offend you, but that’s wasted airtime! lol. Anyway, it was interesting to watch Scrappy and his 3 women LOL. He just looked like the victim LOL. Well, if you missed it, I’m sure there will be plenty of reruns. I don’t want to spoil things for you.

Miley Cyrus brought a homeless guy named Jesse Helt to the VMA’s Sunday. He accepted an award for Miley and he gave a speech about his story…helping to promote Miley’s  new idea to help eradicate the homelessness of youth. However, his mom said in a recent interview that he left his Oregon home to become a star. He wants  to be a model, but those things don’t happen over night so he had to sleep on the street for a while. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just reporting the story, he is homeless, but he could have gone home at any point. His mother expressed that she was proud of her son and wished him luck in getting a job as a star. Well, now the media is questioning Miley Cyrus’ true intent…was she trying to manipulate viewers or give this guy a job opportunity..What do you think? Please let me know what you think!

The US Open is taking place this week so if you’re into tennis, be sure to tune in. 

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