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August 18th News

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Okay, Let’s get started:

With the Michael Brown situation in Ferguson….Protests have taken a complete turn. They started the day off with prayer, unity speeches and peaceful walks, but yesterday things got way out of hand. People started tossing Molotov cocktails at the police, 2 people were shot & injured, people were looting and destroying properties. They even took over a McDonald’s….the poor employees hid in a storage closet because there was so much chaos. The governor of Missouri called in the National Guard troops to take over because things have gotten out of hand. My question for you all is do you believe that this is the plan? Like do you think that protestors are trying to make the police force and the city officials so uncomfortable that they lose control? 

Michael’s autoposy results are in and he was shot 6 times; including twice in the head.

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Moving on, 

Remember Malaysian Airlines flight 370?? It disappeared a few months ago…well apparently, a car mechanic from Pakistan managed to hack into the bank accounts of 4 of the people that were on that flight. I guess he thought nobody would notice lol….Well they are looking for Ali Farran. 2 people have already been arrested, The bank employee that assisted him and her husband. Now, they just have to find him. 

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So we have new information about the late Comedian and actor Robin Williams. His suicide was not premeditated. In fact a friend of his said that he and Robin spoke the day before and robin was planning future projects. The conversation was not out of the norm. His wife also said that they never knew that suicide was even a factor..So what ever pushd him over the edge must have happened right before he made the decision to taie his life.

There is a warrant out for Cat Daddy’s arrest  because he failed to show up to start his 4month- sentence that he was given by a LA judge for receiving stolen property during a nightclub incident last April. TMZ says he had until 8:30 am friday to turn himself in but he hasn’t yet…He better Do the CatDaddy on over to prison before they give him more time!

So according to Ice Cream Conversations, A woman named Tina Seals is suing Jay-Z and Beyonce because she claims that she is Blue Ivy’s biological mother. Lol! According to her, the couple used her eggs and i guess she wants some kind of rights I don’t know. But before you get worked up, she did the same thing with Kim K & Kanye and Janet Jackson, claiming she was Michael Jackson’s baby mama. 

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Tina Seals’ Court report

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