Protestors were out again last night in Missouri in hopes to get justice for Michael Brown….I’m talking a night full of chanting with signs and everything…that is until the  Police fired tear gas into a crowd . However, I’m sure that’s not stopping people from standing up for what they feel is right. The police refuse to announce the name of the officer that shot the unarmed Michael Brown because they fear what would happen to him….after numerous death threats on social media. Michael’s friend Dorian Johnson testified on CNN about the incident…and so did 2 other witnesses. They all said that there was a quarrel between Mike and the officer, but Mike wasn’t trying to get a hold of the officer’s gun. According to the 3 witnesses, Michael started to run after there was a gun shot in the car, then he started to run down the street when the officer shot at him..Mike then turned around and surrendered but the officer shot him down…which is what killed him.
People all over the world are still mourning the death of comedian and actor Robin Williams. There are so many questions that are left unanswered…well mainly, WHY? While we may never know, it has been encouraged that people that are suffering from depression get help and support. 

Arizona State offensive lineman Edward “Chip” Sarafin is the first active college football player at the NCAA’s highest level to come out as gay. He came out in an interview and of course he got support & encouragement from many, including Michael Sam..the first openly gay NFL player.For more of the story click here!

In other news, Remy Ma told TMZ reporters that jail is worse than what’s portrayed in ‘Orange is the New Black’.
Ciara and Future broke up because she claims that he was cheating on her while on tour. As of right now, their baby is with her.
The Cavaliers play the Miami Heat on Christmas Day and ESPN has put out the question, how will he be received when he goes back to Mimi for the game?
Have you all heard about NASCAR car driver Tony Stewart’s situation? Well, he hit & killed  Kevin Ward Jr. during a dirt-track race Saturday and now everyone is questioning whether or not it was intentional. What do you think? Let us know!
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