Okay, so this weekend, I need you all to do research on the Ebola virus because health experts have declared the outbreak in West Africa an international health emergency that requires a “coordinated global approach to solve.” This is serious y’all…So yes, Phylicia DTV & BIAO Radio are challenging you to find out everything you need to know about Ebola. Like I said yesterday, there are 2 people in the US with it and even though they are in isolation, we still need to hope that it is stays in isolation, but it’s not even just about us over here! We need to know what’s going on in other countries as well…especially if you are a frequent traveller.
For information about the Ebola Virus Click Here!
Here’s the CNN Report.
Yesterday, we found out that Kevin Love will most likely…well, will definitely be traded to the Cavaliers. That means Andrew Wiggins will be with the Timberwolves. For more info Click Here!

A middle school teacher in Georgia got fired because her students leaked nude pictures of her…she let a group of her students use her phone and they found nude pictures of her and shared them online. Okay so here is the lesson for the day everyone…DON’T LET PEOPLE USE YOUR PHONE…& if you are going to allow someone to use your phone, stand right there and watch their every move. Another piece of advice for all of you smartphone users, there are apps that you can download that store your photos that mean the most to you…or the pictures you would like to keep private. It is password safe and it is kid friendly LOL. Please invest in it…it’s free

Peter Gunz and Amina from Love and Hip Hop NY had their baby girl and they are beginning to post the pictures….So precious! Congratulations to them both!
Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.20.10 AMScreen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.29.15 AM

According to Hip Hop DX, Nicki Minaj told Rickey Smiley that working with Beyonce was a life changing experience. Nicki said “She is the Queen….I was so honored to work with her. She’s somebody that I’ve looked up to my entire career.” We are all still waiting to hear her response to all of Lil’Kim’s diss songs and verses…but she hasn’t said anything yet. Hip Hop DX did say that she spoke about Remy Ma’s return, her album that she is working on and her new “scaled back look.” To  read the Hip Hop DX article Click Here!

Oh, and to end today with some good news, Comedian Neal Brennan announced that Tracy Morgan is back and joking! Thank goodness because that accident was crazy serious and it wasn’t looking too good for a while. Welcome back Tracy!
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