August 7th News

The real Queen B is taking her throne back! LOL Lil’Kim is still mad at Nicki Minaj for claiming to be the Queen of Hip Hop in the Flawless remix. She has already added her own diss verse onto the actual flawless song remix, but now she has created a new song called Identity Theft. The cover photo is her driver’s license with her information on it, but with Nicki Minaj’s picture. You have to check out the song. I am patiently waiting for Nicki’s response, but I must say…Lil’Kim has found a way to make herself relevant again. 
Unless Beyonce & Jay Z tells us their business, we will never know what’s true or not….Like whether or not Beyonce is leaving Jay to be strong for Blue Ivy OR This new diss song by aspiring rapper Liv. Back in June Liv announced that she never slept with Jay Z nor did she have a relationship with him, but he did make advances at her. Now she has a song out! You gotta hear it. Of course you can find it on my website. This is just messy, but until B or Jay speak out, we should all just mind our business and sip some tea lol.
Cincinnati Bengals’ player Adam “PacMan” Jones has threatened Ludacris because of an Instagram post LOL. Okay so, Ludacris posted a picture of an overweight women in swim wear on the neck of a faceless man in a pool. Next to the collage of pictures, he put a picture of Adam with his neck brace on (basically implying that that’s how he hurt his neck.) Well Adam didn’t find it funny and responded “@ludacris nice post , now when I see you I’m beat your a**” Check it all out below.
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.00.20 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.59.43 AM
CNN has reported that the Ebola virus has the world worried. The World Health Organization has reported that 932 deaths were caused by Ebola. Please follow these Ebola stories in the news because a doctor has said that this is the biggest Ebola outbreak in history. Meaning, you need to be very careful where you travel and we need to keep the 2 people in America that have the virus in our thoughts and prayers (if your religious) . To read more of the story Click Here!
 In other news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye bought a $20 million home, 50 Cents’ Bodyguard is under investigation after a mall fight, there is a warrant out for Wiz Khalifa because he didn’t show up for court over some marijuana charges, oh yeah! According to Kanye, he is the smartest celebrity we ever f***ing dealt with, he’s not Britney Spears and there is a new mandatory law in LA that states porn stars must wear condoms now.
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