It’s Hump Day!! Wednesday, August 6th News

It’s Hump Day Y’all! Only a few more days before the weekend. I’m actually not that pressed anymore though because the summer is quickly coming to an end…sooner than I would like actually LOL
Anyway, Let’s get to the news!
Did you know that VH1 is making a new Love & Hip Hop? Not New York or Atlanta, but Los Angeles! This should be rather interesting. TMZ said that VH1 was starting to struggle with story lines and they were having problems making the show good, so they are adding Soulja Boy to the cast. Guess who he is joining!!!  Ray J! Like I said, this should be rather interesting.
Miley Cyrus may have gotten NBC into some trouble. They had a primetime special of her Bangerz Tour and viewers have been complaining about her costumes and parts of her performance; like her rolling around in a bed with half naked men and women and grinding on a Costumed Abe Lincoln (Well, it looked like Bill Clinton to me). Anyway, now the FCC is investigating whether or not they should fine NBC for the sexual content.
To see one of the pictures click on this link because it is too explicit for my website Lol: Click Here!
TMZ reported that Drake has called Rihanna the devil! They posted a video on their website of Drake singing “Days in the East” in Toronto on Monday and the background video was fiery. The number 6 flashed onto the screen 3 times…and so did Rihanna’s. He was clearly implying that she was the devil…I mean that used to be his girl so maybe he knows something we don’t…but that’s none of my business though.
Here’s the link to the TMZ video: Click Here
Army Major General Harold Greene was killed in Afganistan yesterday. He served in the military for over 34 years and his death is a great lost to our country. R.I.P
For more about the General go to
The San Antonio Spurs are making history!! They hired a female to be their new assistant coach. That’s right, Becky Hammon is now working with the Spurs…Don’t get me wrong, she is not the first female that has ever been on the coaching staff, but this is definitely a move that makes history for the Spurs. Becky Hammon is a six-time WNBA All-Star, and she played 8 seasons with the San Antonio Stars.
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