TUESDAY, August 5th News!

President Obama celebrated his 53rd Birthday yesterday!! I hope he turned up in the most presidential way possible LOL….but let’s get started with the news.
A girl’s boyfriend lost the tip of his finger on Saturday while attending the On the Run Concert at the Rose Bowl . Apparently, a guy named Rober Alcaraz-Garnica allegedly groped up a woman..which is sexual assault; then he began to fight the boyfriend. Somewhere in that fight, Robert bit the tip of the boyfriend’s finger off.  Wow
The plan to cease-fire over in the middle east has begun.Thank goodness! Israeli forces have left the Gaza Strip.
Okay so remember when I told you guys about the “Flawless” remix that Beyonce and Nicki Minaj reeased Saturday? Well,I was on Ice-Cream Conversations’ website and I found out that in Nicki Minaj’s rap, she mentions something about being the Queen of Hip Hop….Well, Lil’Kim heard that line and got heated and she made her own remix! LOL, yes, she made her very own “Flawless”  remix! Basically saying Nicki needs to take several seats…but I’m so paraphrasing so You have hear it for yourself lol…(It’s not for children so uhhh yeah, parental advisory!!)
An American woman has been flown into Georgia  from West Africa to be treated for the Ebola virus. They have her in serious isolation and they hope to be able to cure her. Americans are still worried that the virus will begin to spread throughout the country, but we can only continue to hope for the best.
Less than 2 weeks ago, 3 siblings were selling fruit to raise money for a church group in Philadelphia. 2 guys that stole a SUV were on the run and jumped the curb and rammed straight into the fruit stand..killing the siblings and critically injuring their mother. Well the funeral was yesterday and it had many people mourning….. people all over the country. Keiarra was 15, Joseph was 10 and Terrance was 7. The mother was unable to attend the funeral because she is still in critical condition. Click on this link to read more of the story: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20140805_Hundreds_mourn_3_children_killed_by_carjacked_SUV.html#7fC4fYJKizORiJir.99