July 31st NEWS

Miguel needs to be careful what he posts on social media. He posted a picture of himself on his motorcycle and captioned “Rode down the coast to PV today. #holdtight art gang Harleydavidson”. He is on probation for a DUI conviction though. he is only supposed to drive vehicles with the an interlock device in it…you blow into a tube and it checks your alcohol level in order for the car to start. Anyway, TmZ spoke to LA officials and they said as long as it doesn’t show him actually driving, he’s okay. So he got away with this time.
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Apparently, citizens of Columbus Ohio do not bang with R. Kelly. He was supposed to perform at the Fashion Meets Music Festival, but they cancelled him because the public was in an uproar about it. You Remember his past right? You know the whole sexual intercourse with a minor? Yeah that’s why they didn’t want him. According to Ice Cream Conversations, one person on social media said “Accepting R Kelly as an artist is to ignore the fundamental basics of human dignity…A very real line was crossed and this is how we choose to express our disdain for the deeds and support for the victims.”
Montel Williams is upset with the president! He has had a petition to help the vets for some time now..I’m talking over 100,000 signatures and everything, BUT he is just missing one signature. PRESIDENT OBAMA! TMZ has a video of the angry vet saying “Sign the papers, homeboy.” Uh oh, he better sign it!
Ludacris will be honored with the BMI President’s Award at this year’s award show! Congratulations Luda! He definitely deserves it.
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Are you all ready for Remy Ma to come home? Well ready or not, she’s coming out today. After being without the rapper for 6 and a half years,This should be exciting! Angie Martinez from Power 105 got an exclusive interview with Remy last week and you have to check out the video as she discusses her jail experience, marriage (to Papoose), Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe, female rappers, a reality tv show and of course the list of things that she will do once she touches down. Of course you can find it below!
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