Monday, July 28th News

The LA Lakers have agreed on Byron Scott to be the next head coach….Sources told ESPN that Byron Scott agreed to a four-year contract.

 A representative from Young Money Entertainment told TMZ that they are 100% in business with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo….Weezy is adding a sports management company to his repertoire and Cristiano is his first client. Young Money will handle branding, marketing and other sports management issues that the soccer player has in the U.S.

So I am pretty sure that you have all seen the cover art for Nicki Minaj’s next single Anaconda…her booty has been in memes since last week (LOL). Well if you haven’t seen it, she is kneeled down wearing a pink G-String and some cute sneakers (LOL) BUT NOTHING ELSE. It has caused some controversy…well, put this way, either you hate or love it.
Well Nicki Minaj took to twitter on Friday and posted this:


She basically said that there are people doing similar things. She chose to compare get cover to the swim suit models on covers like Sports Illustrated.



What do you all think? Is it acceptable for the models to dress like that and not Nicki? Comment & Let us know!

Moving on…. Floyd Mayweather has some people wondering about how true his recent Instagram video was true or false. Okay so in a nutshell, his ex Ms. Jackson is dating Nelly and she posted pics of her and Nelly on her Birthday. Nelly did it up for his boo…well two days later, it just so happened to be Floyd Mayweather’s new main chick’s Birthday…”Bad Medina” and he expressed his love for her. People are wondering if it was really Bad Medina’s birthday or nah. They also think that the truth is out that “Bad Medina” was his side chick during his relationship with Ms. Jackson…if it’s true, congrats on the promotion (LOL)…and Happy Birthday to both of them I guess. BUT I hope Floyd wasn’t being that petty.

Hopefully we have a better week than we had this weekend because it was bit rough… there was a rare lightning storm in Cali, injuring some and killing 1, the number of deaths in the middle east are still rising, a toddler ran a jeep into a house, a man was struck and killed by a plane while he was walking on the beach…Fix it Jesus! We need a good week! 

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