Thursday, July 24th


Robin Thicke is finally done begging and is ready to move on. TMZ says that Paula Patton has not lived in their LA home since February and Robin listed the home on Monday….but weird thing is, neither party has hired a divorce lawyer. Well, after all of the singing, crying and begging that Robin has done, he says that he is done begging Paula to come back, but he will not be the one who files for divorce. 

Another botched execution was carried out in Arizona and there is question to whether or not the process was carried out humanely or not. they have been having issues with this new lethal injection ordeal for awhile now…Well, things didn’t go well for Joseph Wood. He snorted and struggled to breathe for almost 2 hours. The process will definitely undergo review to figure out what’s going on. 

The Netherlands are expected to receive more of their Malaysia Flight 17 victims today. Out of the 298 people aboard the jet last week, 193 of them were Dutch. According to CNN, the transfer of remains to the Netherlands is expected to be completed by tomorrow.

Another plane has gone missing!! Authorities say they lost contact with the Air Algerie plane 50 minutes after takeoff. There are 116 people aboard the flight and emergency services are working to find out where the plane is and why it hasn’t landed yet. Like I said yesterday, I am really beginning to think that air travel is not where it’s at right now…& I am not trying to be funny. 

Hip Hop DX has reported that Memphis Bleek has confirmed that Jay Z Ghostwrote for him in his song “Coming of Age.” He said that Jay Z had a set plan in mind for the album…so he wrote out the verse and Memphis did the rest..well he rapped the verse (Lol). For more of the story visit the link below:

& finally

Coolio announces that he has a partnership with Pronhub! He was filmed shooting a music video called “Take it to the Hub” and apparently porn models were provided to the shoot by In exchange, Coolio will release his new material on Pornhub’s website….We’ll see how that turns out!

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