Wednesday HUMP DAY, July 23rd

It’s Hump Day!! Only a couple more days before you can relax this weekend…or nah LOL! !

Okay so I have a correction, or an update should I say, about the Ray J story that I reported yesterday. He grabbed a woman’s breast in the Willshire Hotel bar…not her butt. TMZ says that between hotel cameras, witnesses,staff and patrons, the truth is coming out about Ray J’s drunken escapade. I’m talking him grabbing the woman’s breast, pushing an 8-year old boy out of his way in the hotel lobby, spitting on police officers and kicking out the window in the cop car.Yeah he was all the way turned up! He has been charged with like 10 crime charges and  His arraignment is set for this Friday. 

Donald Sterling has filed a new lawsuit in LA courts to prevent the sale of the Clippers. He is suing the NBA, his wife and NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Donald claims that the potential $2billion sale is ”unlawful and fraudulent” and asked for an injunction to block the sale. Shelley Sterling’s attorney calls this an “act of desperation by a delusional, bitter man.” 

Today is a national day of mourning in the Netherlands for the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight 17. The first set of bodies from the tragic incident are being flown home today in the Netherlands where the jetliner originated and where the majority of the victims lived. Unfortunately, there are still some bodies unaccounted for and there are still so many questions unanswered. 

Many of the world’s leading airlines have suspended flights to Israel’s main airport due to a rocket fired from Gaza that struck about a mile away from the runways….Okay so I am really beginning to think that air travel is like not the right way to go anywhere right now! THIS is so sad.

Let’s end this news segment with some good news. It is official!! Universal Pictures has announced that there will be a third Best man movie! “The Best Man Wedding.” It is set to be released April 15th, 2016. According to Ice Cream Conversations, all of the cast members have signed on to return. The Best Man Holiday was a huge success….I’m talking $70.5 million success so let’s see what Malcolm D. Lee & Sean DanieI will give us this time. I don’t know about y’all, but I am sooo excited! 

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