Tuesday, July 22nd

According to CNN Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 is still under investigation. As of this morning, data recorders from the flight are given to Malayasian officials in hopes to move further in the investigation. We are still left with questions like, Who shot down the jet?!?! What’s going to happen to the bodies of crash victim’s and are the black boxes going to tell us anything?

It is getting real over in the middle east. There are so many people dying over in Gaza it is ridiculous. U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry will be in Jerusalem today to broker a cease-fire.

Richard Pryor Jr. is suing his step-mom Jennifer because he says that his father, the infamous comedian was mentally incapacitated when he signed over his rights to his wife. TMZ says that Richard Jr. also said in letter to Jennifer that she used “illegal” and “fraudulent” activity to get the rights. She wants to allow Lee Daniels to produce a biopic about the late comedian’s life, but the son is not with it. He is prepared to take legal action if the movie goes forward.

R&B singer Ray J was charged yesterday with 10 crimes in connection with his drunken incident last May. He was at a bar at the Beverly Willshire Hotel when he got pretty bodied and accidentally brushed up against a woman’s butt. He was asked to leave and the police told TMZ that at the time of the incident it was not intentional and there was no sexual battery involved, well now, that has all changed. Well I guess he got mad that he was kicked out so he started flipping out and got arrested. He kicked out the window of the police car and spit on the officers and everything. Well now he is facing all misdemeanor charges.. 4 counts of resisting arrest, 3 counts of assault and battery and 2 counts of vandalism.

A$AP Rocky has been sued by Lisamarie Wade over an alleged assault in Philadelphia.

 Please keep the people of Taiwan in your thoughts because the typhoon is heading in that direction.
&  finally, 

Check out an interview that Hip Hop DX has posted on their website from Kanye West…he address the whole Jay Z & Beyonce attendance at his wedding and he clears up a few rumors.

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