Friday, July 18th

First of all, it is Friday! That alone is breaking news Lol. We made through yet another week!! 

Well, more importantly….  Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was shot down in the sky yesterday! The story is developing, but as of this morning, nobody knows who did it. The incident happened right over eastern Ukraine  and there were 298 people from several countries aboard the flight. According to CNN, the Ukrainian Prime Minister is now  asking all governments to back the investigation and to “support the Ukranian government to bring to justice all these  [people] bastards who committed this international crime.” Wow, at this point I will never ride Malysian Airlines….we send our condolences to the families & friends that have lost their love ones

According to ESPN, The Clevland Cavaliers are now offering number 1 pick Andrew Wiggins in attempts to trade for Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love! The availability of Wiggins could shift the balance of power in the NBA as a whole, not even just the Eastern Conference. BUT THE  Timberwolves are unwilling to trade Kevin Love without getting Andrew Wiggins in return. Only time will tell at this point. Apparently Kevin Love doesn’t mind playing with the Cavaliers as long as LeBron James is there, but as you all know, we cannot make any assumptions with the decsisions of the players or the teams.

Seth McFarlane, you know the creator of Family Guy and Ted….well he is facing a law suit for his infamous teddy bear. LA Times says, The creators of a comedy web series called “Charlie the Abusive Teddy Bear” featuring a vulgar, hard-drinking teedy bear, who smokes and is hilarious..basically Ted, are suing Seth because they feel as though he stole their character. The suit claims that the two characters have enough in common to constitute a violation of production copyright laws. 


Okay so you know that Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida has been sentenced to 8 years in prison right? Well, when he was sentenced, Phaedra was not in attendance in the court room. Apollo is feeling pretty salty about that because he was going off on Atlanta’s B-100. He may go into jail a married man but I don’t know how long that will last…..but you know what, there are two sides to every story and I am sure Ms. Southern Bell Phaedra has hers..we’ll wait lol

Continue to keep California and the west coast in your thoughts…because of the wild fire 

& just in case you are lost for plans this weekend….I recommend that you :
go to the movies, I heard “Sex Tape” was good
Read a book
or you can go to the beach or to a theme park….whatever your local weather permits because I know I’m doing something this weekend lol

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