Thursday, July 17th

The Espy’s took place last night & let me just say, Drake took over the show!! That dude has some serious personality! He was very entertaining and they could not have a chosen a better person to host this year’s award show. I was dying when he did the Lance cam (laugh). Charlotte Hornet’s Lance Stephenson will never live that moment know when he blew on Lebron James?!?! (Laugh) Hilarious. The Washington Post has named the top 10 moments and they have listed all of the winners from last night. You can find the link below:

Whatever your religion or belief is, please keep  the people in the Phillippines and in China in your thoughts. A typhoon touched down in the Phillippines, leaving people without power, homes and unfortunately, some people dead. It has been said that the typhoon is making its way to China.

While you’re at it, please keep California & the west coast in your thoughts because they are experiencing another wildfire. 

We can always depend on TMZ to dish out the juice on things! Well, they have the juice about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta brawl and it’s not pretty. It all started with Benzino calling Stevie J a crackhead. Stevie got mad & told Benzino to shut the f*** up and the next thing you know, Joseline Hernandez “baby” jumped up and punched Althea in the face! According to the people around her, they heard a crack…anyway, Joseline pulled out some of Althea’s weave then she made her way over to Waka Flocka’s wife Tami..pulling her pony tail weave out…that’s when Deb stepped in and punched Joseline and ripped out her extensions. Once security got Joseline off the set, she managed to get another dig in in her way out! She elbowed Mimi in the back and shoved her down the stairs! BUT get this,she even bit a security guard and ripped off a piece of flesh..Now the cast wants the producers to fire Joseline..Umm ya think? She took this reality tv stuff way too far! 

Well, Tiger Woods is doing his thing over in the British Open…Congrats to him!

& Marvel has changed the whole comic book world around! Okay, so Thor is now a woman and Captain America is black! yup we can expect to see an African American face for  now on… I guess? What do you think about the new Captain America? Let us know!

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