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Tuesday, July 8th

Rosie O’Donnell may be coming back to day time television…she may be coming back to The View! You know Sherri Shepherd & Jenny McCarthy are leaving and Barbra Walters already left earlier in the season…so Whoopi Goldberg is the only one left. I hope they bring back Rosie O’Donnell! She was hilarious. We may just find out today if she will be returning or not…

According to TMZ, Beyonce’s Dad, Matthew Knowles has been sued by another woman claiming that he got her pregnant back in 2010.He was a busy man around that time because that is the same year Tina Knowles filed for a divorce because he was cheating. Well now this 30 year old woman wants a DNA test, a declaration of paternity and child support. I hope he has gotten some new clients after Beyonce because he is going to need the money

Yesterday, there was a rumor that Donald Sterling was on the run because he’s not ready to face what’s to come next in his trial; however his attorney said that Donald is right down the street and ready to go to court when he gets an order from the judge to go to the building. Shelly Sterling’s lawyer started the rumor of course….kinda petty but he is supposed to be going back to court today around 5:30 so hopefully we’ll find out what’s going on with the sell of the Clippers. Oh yeah, & his doctor announced that it looks like he may have Alzehiermers disease after all.

Have you guys seen the memes on social media that showed cartoon characters and Kermit asking if “that was fireworks or gun shots?” Well while we find those posts funny, people living in Chicago really had to ask that question! As of yesterday, there were 82 different shootings and 14 deaths this past holiday weekend. Crazy right? Chicago’s police superintendent blames the weak gun laws…we have to do better America. Rest in Peace to those victims.

So what do you all think, Is Lebron James going back to the Cavaliers or what? I hope that we find out soon what where he he’s going to end up.

Have you all been keeping up the “90s: The last Great Decade?” on the National Geographic Channel? Well tonight is the last night of the 3day documentary. It comes on at 9:00pm Eastern Time.

By phyliciadtv

Phylicia DTV is a web series that includes interviews, social network comments and short clips that discuss a topic given by You! The whole purpose of this show is to bring up topics that runs across almost everyone's mind, that people usually don't discuss. We want to be able to talk about the topics so that you can find out what others think about it. This show is semi-educational, but most of all it is fun! Leave a topic idea and comment when you can so that Phylicia D TV can be a success!

Now about your host, Miss Phylicia DTV herself, Phylicia D. Townes
"I was born to talk, I was born to entertain, I was born to succeed!! The world is huge! I want to see it all, hear it all & experience it all! I am taking you all with me. "
The magic all happened in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have always been one to talk A WHOLE LOT & entertaining people has always been my thing. I chose to create Phylicia D TV because it gives me a chance to do what I do best...TALK & Entertain. I am the type of person who really likes to hear how people feel about certain things so that's why this show is geared towards everyone's opinion. There is a little bit of entertainment news added to the twist because I do study news reporting, but beyond that, this show is created just for you & your curiosity! Please participate by commenting on topics and watching the episodes!

Let's talk about your favorite topics. This is a show where what you think matters the most. This is an opinionated show made just for you. So let me know, "WHAT YOU THINKIN BOUT?!?!?!?"

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