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Monday, July 7th

Actor Columbus Short got into trouble again this past weekend…For those who don’t know he is the guyStomp the Yard and He also played Harrison on Scandal. Anyway, he got arrested in Texas for Public Intoxication…so basically dude was drunk in public, most likely acting a fool. Back in March he into trouble when he was accused of knocking someone out at a West Los Angeles restaurant, then in April his wife said, well ex-wife said the he threatened to kill her & himself with a knife. Well I told y’all about that divorce a few weeks ago. Anyway, he later announced that he is leaving Scandal, but it sounds like he needs to stay there a little bit longer..and let Olivia Pope fix him.

Joan Rivers never fails to amaze us anymore…did y’all hear about her calling President Obama gay & first lady Michelle Obama a transgender? ! Well the comedian married off a gay couple so a photographer wanted to interview her. He asked her if she believed that the U.S. would ever see the first gay president or female president. She said “We already have it with Obama, so let’s calm down. You know Michelle is a trans.” She later appeared on CNN saying that everyone’s reaction is politically incorrect attack on her because she’s old, Jewish, a woman and a heterosexual.

The Iggy and Nicki Minaj Beef never existed…the two female rappers basically shut down the rumors about them having an issue with each other..Apparently people have felt that Nicki threw shade at Iggy at the BET awards but Nicki said she basically likes to uplift all up & coming artists to write their own music..She also said that she congratulated Iggy on her song Fancy publicly. Iggy later posted that she doesn’t have a problem with Nicki and she wants everyone to Just let it go.

Kevin Garnett is being sued by his neighbor in Malibu because his new additions on his mansion are blocking the neighbors view of the ocean. He said that Kevin didn’t even have the proper permits to add on all of the stuff that he did. The neighbor also complained about Kevin now cutting down trees & stuff, I don’t know, This is a petty argument that could have been avoided

& finally
Young Money is being sued by a company that sold them their domain name back in 2011. The deal was Lil’Wayne and his crew were supposed to pay the company $600,000 for the website name…..if they missed a payment, the company would get their website back. Well Young Money hasn’t paid $250 thousand so now the company is ready to sue them…

By phyliciadtv

Phylicia DTV is a web series that includes interviews, social network comments and short clips that discuss a topic given by You! The whole purpose of this show is to bring up topics that runs across almost everyone's mind, that people usually don't discuss. We want to be able to talk about the topics so that you can find out what others think about it. This show is semi-educational, but most of all it is fun! Leave a topic idea and comment when you can so that Phylicia D TV can be a success!

Now about your host, Miss Phylicia DTV herself, Phylicia D. Townes
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The magic all happened in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have always been one to talk A WHOLE LOT & entertaining people has always been my thing. I chose to create Phylicia D TV because it gives me a chance to do what I do best...TALK & Entertain. I am the type of person who really likes to hear how people feel about certain things so that's why this show is geared towards everyone's opinion. There is a little bit of entertainment news added to the twist because I do study news reporting, but beyond that, this show is created just for you & your curiosity! Please participate by commenting on topics and watching the episodes!

Let's talk about your favorite topics. This is a show where what you think matters the most. This is an opinionated show made just for you. So let me know, "WHAT YOU THINKIN BOUT?!?!?!?"

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