Beyonce singing “Resentment” at the “On the Run Tour”


Beyonce has the entire world thinking that Jay Z has cheated now . So you know that the “On the Run Tour” has begun, well She switched over the words in her song “Resentment” making the words reflect her current relationship with Jay Z. She didn’t make any major changes but she says things like “I’ve been riding with you for 12 years” and “that b**** will never be half of me.” Is she just making the song relevant and just performing as most entertainers do? Or is she like really venting? The world may never know..unless maybe Oprah interviews her and gets it out Lol. You know Oprah told her before to be careful discussing her relationship publicly, so maybe she will talk with her again…or maybe They’ll (JayZ & Beyonce) release another documentary explaining that the song was just entertainment.