Thursday, June 26th

The USA Men’s national soccer team takes on Germany today in the FIFA World Cup!  A draw against Germany would send Team USA on to the knockout stage, and a victory would win Group G.

According to Hip Hop DX, Lupe Fiasco was named the music and art director  for the U.S’s FiFA World Cup campaign back in May. He creates Spotify playlists and coordinates in game musical programming. In return, alongside money, the team is promoting his single “Mission.” The dope part about it all is that he plans on getting Clint Dempsey into the studio to record a song.

Remember that internet sensation, hot mug shot guy that I was telling y’all about earlier this week? Well he is married! He has a whole wife and some kids!! Of course that’s not going to stop women (& some men) from lusting over him, but he’s taken!

So y’all know I love TMZ…They posted last night that Columbus Short took a huge hit yesterday by his wife because he did not show up in court. Okay so rule number one when divorcing a ex or soon to be ex up to court! Well, he’s gonna learn today. Y’all know Columbus Short right, Harrison from Scandal? Well he has to pay about $17,005 a month in spousal support, $4,542 a month in child support, and $25,000 to cover his wife Tanne’s legal bills. Cheaper to keep her!

& finally,

Yesterday marked 5 years that the world has been without the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I still can’t believe MJ is gone, but he is still making great music and selling albums.

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