Friday, June 27th

THE NBA Draft 2014 took place last night! The Cleveland Cavaliers chose Andrew Wiggins as their number one overall pick, Jabari Parker was selected second overall to the Milwaukee Bucks and Surprisingly Joelle Embiid was selected number 3 overall to the Philadelphia 76ers.

USA’s National soccer team lost to Germany yesterday 1-0 in the World Cup. Even though they didn’t win, they still qualify for the knockout round next Tuesday against Belgium. Don’t worry USA, we are still cheering for you!!

So let me tell y’all how this guy named Nicholas Wig made history this week. He broke into a guy named James Woods’ house in Minnesota, & stole cash, a checkbook, credit cards, keys, and iPod shuffle and a watch. Well  he decided to check his Facebook Profile before he dipped from the house. I guess that’s normal, BUT he forgot to logout!! The homeowner came home and found his font door unlocked & Nicholas’ Facebook page. He found Nicholas and reported him to the police. He is now charged with burglary in the second degree.

Do y’all have tickets to see Beyonce & Jay Z’s On the Run tour? If so, expect to see some private videos of their wedding and their daughter Blue Ivy. They kicked off their tour in Miami & next, they will most likely be coming to a town near you.

Sherri Shephard has announced that she is leaving “The View after 7 years!” She said “ It’s been seven wonderful years on The View, but after careful consideration, it is time for me to move on. Good luck Sherri!

The 4th of July is like Next week, what are your plans? Let us know under Keep the conversation going on this website! Next week, I’ll give you tips on the best beaches to visit this summer!

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