Wednesday, June 26th

The US takes on Germany tomorrow. Hopefully they  either win or get a tie to stay in the World Cup. I don’t even watch soccer like that, but these games are tough on the low!

Justin Bieber was in a car accident  in Beverly Hills yesterday…running from the paparazzi. Don’t worry, he’s okay. He was riding in an Escalade with someone when a photographer started to follow them. They started to speed down Canon Drive to lose the guy when they ran into a BMW. The BMW driver misjudged how fast the Escalade was going. Justin hopped right into another car and dipped, so he’s okay.

Lebron James reported yesterday that he will be a free agent this summer! Yup, He is using his early-termination option, but Before y’all Heat fans start packing your bags, this doesn’t mean that Lebron will leave the Heat, it just means that he will leave himself open for other options.  according to Yahoo Sports’  Lebron was unhappy with how the franchise elected to amnesty Mike Miller last year and not add anyone of value to the team. So he is making this choice to be a free agent to impose pressure to the Heat.

According to Bossip and OK! Magazine, Beyonce & Jay Z may be seeking counseling 3 times a week to avoid getting a divorce. Apparently, they got this marital saving idea from Gwyneth Paltrow. According to the two sources, Jay Z has already stopped associating himself with people to save his marriage. Read more about the story on my website.
A 3 year old little girl named Victoria was mauled by pitfalls back in April and now she has scars, especially on her face. Well, her family claims that a KFC in Jackson, Mississppi asked the family to leave because Victoria’s face was scaring other customers. They created a gofundme campaign and raised over $30,000 for her treatment…even KFC made a donation…however the funds are now frozen because there has not been any evidence found that the allegations are true. 
& Finally, Apple might just have some great new products coming your way this year…I’m talking smart watches, phones with bigger screens and more. 
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