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Beyonce & JayZ seek Counseling 3 times a week to Save their Marriage

According to Bossip and OK! Magazine, Beyonce & Jay Z may be seeking counseling 3 times a week to avoid getting a divorce. Apparently, they got this marital saving idea from Gwyneth Paltrow. Here’s some of what I read:

“We still don’t know exactly what caused Solange to attack her brother-in-law in that elevator after the Met Ball back in May. But many people believe that the brawl was caused by Solange accusing Jay of being a womanizer, so he’s vowed to change his ways. In front of Bey, he called rumored mistress Rachel Roy to end their relationship: “No more cozy dinners, no more late-night phone calls,” says the source. “He’s even deleted her number from his phone.”

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Disclaimer: I do honestly pray that the two are able to work through everything. I really am!


I am not shocked to hear that Jay Z & Beyonce might be seeking counseling 3 times a week to avoid getting a divorce. Why? I am glad you asked! They ARE HUMAN!! They have issues just like everybody else. That whole Solange elevator fight wasn’t even my first red flag honestly. I don’t believe the hype behind the musical facades that are presented to us. They are performers and entertainers, they are giving us what we want to see. Alicia Keys has everybody trying to “be like” these celeb couples when we have no idea how these celebs are really living. Look at Tina Turner and Ike…don’t you think people wanted to be like them? I’m just saying.Just because they make good music together and take beautiful pictures and create beautiful babies does NOT mean that they are living a beautiful, flawless, perfect life. I definitely don’t trust secretive people lol. I respect them being private and all, but I dare not idolize anyone, especially one that is secretive lol…but y’all don’t hear me though!

The only couple I would like to be like is my parents because I know first hand how awesome it is. Or do I? Na, I’m just playing.

Watch everybody and their mom start seeking counseling now because JayZ & Beyonce do it. -Phylicia DTV


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One reply on “Beyonce & JayZ seek Counseling 3 times a week to Save their Marriage”

They are human just like any one else. Idk why people are shocked when stuff like this comes out. No one and no relationship is perfect.


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