Wednesday, June 11th,2014

The Spurs went in on the Heat last night! Kawahi Leonard played a career-high performance,  scoring 29 points & The Spurs made 19 of their first 21 shots and finished 25 of 33 in the first half.They were really on point! They won the game 111-92 giving them a 2-1 lead. The next game is Thursday at 9pm on ABC.
Hilary Clinton has began her launching tour for her new book “Hard Choices.” In this book, she will discuss her life as President Obama’s first secretary of state, Monica Lewinski, life struggles & more. Many people thing that this book is the beginning of her presidential campaign, but she still has yet to say if she will be in the running.
Tracy Morgan’s fiancee has asked fans to stop making speculations about Tracy’s health because there has been way too many false calls…like the rumor that Tracy got his leg amputated. She wants us to wait until we hear it from dependable sources. As of now Tracy is still in critical condition.
According to, Chief Keef was evicted from his mansion in Highland Park, Illinois yesterday morning. Apparently, he had a court hearing on  May 7 because he was $30,000 behind in rent. Chief Keef’s landlord claims that the rapper’s departure from the home was “ wasn’t an eviction”. I guess that means that they both agreed that he owed money. has reported that Andre 3000 is working on some new material! He is not in a rush to release it, but either way, many are looking forward to hearing what’s been on his mind.
Gucci Mane said that he “still run the streets from jail”. He has announced that he will be dropping the World War 3D Series June 17th, Trap House 4 on July 4th  &  Trap God 3 September 13.
& Finally,
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J has been arrested because he has not paid child support since 2001! He had a child in ’97 & in ’98 and he was supposed to be paying about 85 hundred a month for child support…he stopped in 2001 and now he owes over 1 million dollars! Wow!
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