Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Lil’Kim gave birth to her very first child yesterday! She had a baby girl & she named her Royal Reign. She couldn’t wait to be a mom so I know she’s excited! Congrats Queen B!!

Master P has lost custody of 4 of his children to his wife Sonya Miller. According to TMZ, Master P did not attend a court hearing that he was scheduled to attend & in result of that, his wife was given full custody to their children Hercy, Mercy, Tytyana and Italy…all between the ages of 9 & 17. His wife claims that he left her without the basic necessities of life, but Master P says that his wife is abusing alcohol and  drugs. He basically didn’t want to give her money to enable her to continue.

Speaking of losing children,

In Last night’s episode of Love & Hip ATL, Waka Flaka’s mom Debra announced that her son KayO committed suicide last year due to reckless internet postings and comments. KayO was constantly weighed down with the rumors and gossip spread around about his family. He couldn’t take it anymore and he ended his life. Instead of letting this situation beat her down, Deb decided to start a movement called No R.I.P, No Reckless Internet Posts. In this movement, she would like people to take a pledge to end spirit killing posts. For more information, visit PledgeNoRIP.com.



So apparently, Lil’Boosie’s baby mothers want to have a reality tv show. He wasn’t with it at first, but now he says “If they want to get money, I ain’t gonna stop the show or nothing like that.” It has been said that the mother’s of his 7 children would talk about their lives while Boosie was locked up.

YaYa Dacosta has been casted as Whitney Houston in the upcoming Lifetime biopic directed by Angela Bassett. She is well known for her appearance on “America’s Next Top Model” as a contestant and her acting role in “All my Children.

& finally The Spurs will take on the Miami Heat tonight at 9:00 in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on ABC.

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