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Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Two, 12 year old girls from Wisconsin are facing up to 65 years in prison for trying to stab their friend to death. They invited their victim over for a sleep over, but instead of having a pillow fight and having boy talk, they showed their devotion to their favorite character “Slender Man” from website “Creepy Pasta” and stabbed the young lady 19 times. Luckily, the young lady survived and is now in stable condition.
Parents, please monitor your children’s internet activity…..
Monitor them as closely as the NSA is monitoring us. Yesterday,The National Security Agency revealed that they use facial recognition technology to investigate foreign intelligence and counterterrorism targets. They say that photos of Americans are off limits unless deemed a threat, but I don’t know y’all…Be careful what you do because someone is always watching.
Beyonce & Solange attended  Gucci’s Chime for Change event yesterday and reports claim that they were all smiles and in good spirits. I am not surprised though because that elevator incident that occurred a month ago was between Solange & Jay Z, not Solange & Beyonce. However, We are glad to know that the fam is indeed moving on..
Speaking of moving on, remember that dress that Rihanna wore at the CFDA Awards on Monday? Well her ex-Drake was not feeling the outfit at all according to Hollywood He wasn’t shocked by his ex’s ensemble at all, because she loves to shock people. Well Drake & Rihanna are no longer together, or so they say….so if that’s what she wants to wear, then so be it. She doesn’t need Drake’s approval.
NBA fans are placing their bets and making their predictions as the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs prepare for Finals beginning this Thursday.
And Finally,
To all Orange is the New Black fans, Season 2 will be posted onto Netflix at 12:01AM this Friday! 13 New Episodes! I know I’m excited!

By phyliciadtv

Phylicia DTV is a web series that includes interviews, social network comments and short clips that discuss a topic given by You! The whole purpose of this show is to bring up topics that runs across almost everyone's mind, that people usually don't discuss. We want to be able to talk about the topics so that you can find out what others think about it. This show is semi-educational, but most of all it is fun! Leave a topic idea and comment when you can so that Phylicia D TV can be a success!

Now about your host, Miss Phylicia DTV herself, Phylicia D. Townes
"I was born to talk, I was born to entertain, I was born to succeed!! The world is huge! I want to see it all, hear it all & experience it all! I am taking you all with me. "
The magic all happened in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have always been one to talk A WHOLE LOT & entertaining people has always been my thing. I chose to create Phylicia D TV because it gives me a chance to do what I do best...TALK & Entertain. I am the type of person who really likes to hear how people feel about certain things so that's why this show is geared towards everyone's opinion. There is a little bit of entertainment news added to the twist because I do study news reporting, but beyond that, this show is created just for you & your curiosity! Please participate by commenting on topics and watching the episodes!

Let's talk about your favorite topics. This is a show where what you think matters the most. This is an opinionated show made just for you. So let me know, "WHAT YOU THINKIN BOUT?!?!?!?"

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