Episode 3 “Addicted to Your Phone or Nah?”

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11 thoughts on “Episode 3 “Addicted to Your Phone or Nah?”

  1. Yoooooooooooooo phy u did a GREAT JOB GIRL SO PROUD OF YOU!!! This was amazing


  2. Phylicia !! This came out so good, I love it

    I know you worked so hard !


    1. I did!!! But it was all worth it! I am glad you liked it :-). Thanks for your help, you were awesome


  3. I love this video Phylicia. This is so True I’m addicted to my phone.You doing your thing is so inspirational.


      1. I love some feedback from you on some of the things I’ve wrote.


  4. That was legit!! And yes…..i am addicted…definitely had to delete Candy Crush though… i was stuck on a level for WAYYY too long.


    1. LOL! I haven’t played it in awhile either! I just can’t take being stuck on the same level anymore. Thanks for watching! 😁


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