About Phylicia DTV

Phylicia DTV is an up & coming brand created by Phylicia D. Townes. PDTV began as a small web-show, but with a multi-talented host, actress and producer like Phylicia, the brand quickly turned into a platform that provides an assortment of multi-media entertainment. Phylicia DTV includes a webshow, topical news and event coverages, a fictional online story- “The Never Ending Story,” and coming soon, a podcast entitled “The Knotty Life.”

As mentioned, Phylicia is an actress and is indeed featured in outside productions (such as film, television and commercials), which may be checked out under the “Phylicia D. Portfolio” tab or the following link:

Phylicia’s goal is to create a brand that manifests ideas and interests of people and to bring smiles to the faces of those who encounter her work.

Thank you for stopping by the website and Phylicia looks forward to hearing your feedback and finding out “What you Thinkin’ Bout??!?!?!” Enjoy!!

Click Play Below to hear the Official Phylicia DTV Theme Song  

Produced by: Zach Ambroise & Vershawn Thompson

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