About Phylicia DTV

Phylicia DTV is an up & coming brand created by Phylicia D. Townes. The brand began as just a small web-series, but with a multi-talented host and producer like Phylicia, the show quickly turned into a brand with multiple entities. Phylicia DTV includes a web show, “What You Thinkin’ Bout?”, news and event coverage, an online story, “The Never Ending Story,” Comedic shorts and coming soon, a podcast entitled “The Knotty Life.” Although we only named a few things, Phylicia is cooking up some new ideas as you read this paragraph. Her goal is to create a brand that captures ideas and interests of people and generate juicy conversations….

Thank you for stopping by the website and Phylicia looks forward to hearing “What you Thinkin’ Bout??!?!?!” & your feedback! Enjoy!!

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Produced by: Zach Ambroise & Vershawn Thompson